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ZAD D’Arlon threatened with eviction: Call for resistance! [Belgium]

Germany. Belgium. For the moment the struggle for the Dannenrod forest occupation is in a calm phase, the eviction of the Bahnhof forest in Flensburg could be prevented just in time, and in the Rhineland villages are being destroyed for coal. Because even in a pandemic, state and capital are not asleep, neither in Germany nor anywhere else. In neighboring Belgium, there is also resistance to this destructive system, since 2019 in the form of the Zabliere, a forest occupation against offices and parking lots. Already at the beginning there was a video about the resistance there on the Facebook account of Hambach Forest. Now the occupation in Belgium is threatened, what follows is the call of the occupation to defend it now and today, in the face of the threat of eviction on January 26, 2021.

Originally published by Zad d’Arlon. Introduction by Wald Statt Asphalt. Translated by Riot Turtle for Enough 14.

Call for resistance!

For more than a year a piece of land has been protected from concrete. The former sand pit Schoppach in which once lived wild animals and plants, is threatened by the company PME, which wants to build parking lots and offices there since the association IDELUX-AIVE bought the land from the municipality.

A group of people decided to move into the forest to protect it from this threat, responding to a desperate call from local residents seeking attention for their struggle. This year, there was an opportunity to give the struggle for the climate a new turn towards an ecological and social world, with the occupations of round abouts by the yellow vests and the zadists in the trees, where they could hear the birds singing.

During one year and the winter, neither police and mafia threats, nor the lies of opponents, succeeded in intimidating the inhabitants of the Zabliere. From this dynamic of resistance, direct (defensive) actions, a photo and a book of poems, a film, a free university, friendships, and a whole series of other things that cannot be put into words if you have not lived them, were created.
A political-police pressure that has put Arlon in a state of siege on November 29, 2019, already showed what repressive means they are willing to use. The events of January 13 in Brussels are proving to us that the organized and violent defense of the old world resembles a war. But they are not bloodthirsty madmen, but people with brains who realize that they will defend their ideology by any means necessary.

This little piece of forest is threatened by this criminal gang that wants to take what is supposedly theirs. But let us stand against it: for life and for democracy!

Let’s protect this special piece of nature!


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