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Barricades in Memory of the Dead Comrades of the Revolt in Maipo Province, Chile

So-called Chile. On January 28, 2020 Jorge Mora “Neco” was run over by a cop car. Almost one year later comrades commemorated “Neco” with burning barricades in the Los Guindos district.

Originally published by Contra Info. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

Year 2020, the revolt continued

On the night of January 28 (2020), the brave Jorge Mora “Neco” is run over by a car of the cops on the outskirts of the Monumental stadium in the midst of riots after a soccer game. After his death, the defamation of judges and the press did not wait long, trying to clean up the image of the bastard who took his life. But the street shouted something else: the next day, the night of January 29 (2020), thousands of people turned out to commemorate Neco; barricades, fires, looting and attacks on police stations marked the day; it is in this context that Ariel Moreno is hit by a bullet in the head in front of the sub-police station of the Padre Hurtado commune; all those who demonstrated that night there point to the act by police. Ariel died two days later due to the severity of the injury.

Also, the same night of January 29, Sergio Bustos would die, run over by a Transantiago, a bus that had previously been kidnapped to be set on fire by anonymous people amid the chaos in the San Ramón commune after an Alvi supermarket was looted and set on fire; the lifeless body of Johnny Pardo would be found inside. The next day, near Plaza Dignidad, Nicolas Romero died after being stabbed by a guard at a Cruz Verde pharmacy at a time when it was being looted.

Year 2021, 1 year after the death of comrades

On the night of January 20, armed with improvisation, we barricaded the Maipo road in the Los Guindos neighborhood, remembering through direct action the dead of the revolt. We join this month of turmoil and rebellion, contributing with fire and memory to the commemorations to come.

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