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“We must work to break the chains that make us slaves” – New text from Xinachtli

“…We must work to break the chains that make us slaves…”

Ricardo Flores Magon, Mexican revolutionary anarchist, assassinated at Leavenworth, Kansas Federal Prison, Nov. 21 1922

Submitted to Enough 14.

Sunday, 20 December 2020, Allred Prison KKKampf (Confederacy)

From the “unaware” living the fallacy that in Amerikkka, all is milk and honey and a paradise of equal justice for all and a representative democracy, the wrongful political imprisonment of those like me, who dared to struggle and stand up against fascist capitalism and imperialism, and the machinations of King Donald Trump that the Nov 3rd election was stolen from him, demonstrates the horrors, and the realities that we, here in Amerikkka, live under a bourgeoisified oligarchy of the rich and the privileged, and of the dire need to reach out to the oppressed globally and resist this U.S. of A. fascism… All hoping this finds you and the others in the very best, as it leaves me, keeping my sanity and trying to stay “safe” under dangerous conditions of COVID-19 state terrorism inflicted on us, the imprisoned, especially people of color who are disproportionately represented, not only in White Amerikkka’s U.S. prison-industrial complex, but as casualties of COVID-19, affected more than other populations, all for the world to see in living color.

I thank you for your continued unconditional support and solidarity, which means a lot to me, and to those of us “held hostage” in Amerikkka’s capitalist dungeons, not as “criminals” but as “criminalized” because we dared to struggle and fight back against the U.S. imperialist beast… Mail here is like it’s on a turtle’s back, the forces of suppression of our social dissent are at their peak.
As I continue to write my papers and protest in the strongest of terms, I am reminded again and again of Comrade Emma Goldman’s essay, Prisons: A Social Crime and Failure, telling the story of Feodor Dostoyevsky in 1849 writing in his prison cell’s wall, The Story of the Priest and the Devil, about what it feels like “living in the hell of a prison”, especially one of the brutal nature then in Russia, and the nightmare of this historical hell called the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Texas prisons are a horror story, a real, live, hell in living color, as reported in the prison conditions case Ruiz v. Estelle, 503 F. Supp 1265, a “prison conditions” case that the state of Texas, and its established political class of “law and order” careerist elites tried to hide from the public and the world, by first trying to disqualify federal judge William Wayne Justice, a known fair and reasonable jurist with a history of siding with the poor in institutional litigation, and then during trial, the longest civil rights trial in recorded United States civil rights litigation, lied, bribed, and committed other crimes against humanity by trying to deny or conceal the systemic human rights violations then (and now!) occurring behind Texas’ barbed wire fences and concrete tombs of its forced prisoner slave plantation, where I am currently buried alive!

Please, go and tell the world about these crimes against humanity, that are this very second ongoing here in this plantation, where prisoner dead bodies are piling up in local morgues due to COVID-19, and the virus spreading like wildfire in here! As you probably already know, it has now been reported that Texas prisons have surpassed all other prisons in the US with the highest COVID-19 prisoner deaths and infections, and is a “hotspot” for the spread of the virus due to these dangerous conditions we live under. This has been reported by Professor Michele Deitch, in her study at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas-Austin, November 2020, entitled Covid and Corrections: A Profile of Covid Deaths in Custody in Texas. I have written to Professor Deitch in Austin, asking for her support, so you can email her and ask her to support my compassionate release for July 18, 2021. Thanx.

On an update in the Texas prisoner COVID-19 litigation, federal judge Keith P. Ellison in Houston granted our requests for a permanent injunction to force prison pigs to comply with certain remedial orders, but the state and the prison (represented by its chief law enforcement officer Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is himself under indictment for securities fraud, and under federal investigation for bribery and abuse of power), filed an emergency motion to suspend the injunction’s implementation pending full appeal, which was granted by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans, LA, by a 3-judge panel of all Trump appointees, suspending the injunction, while prisoner dead bodies pile up in local morgues due to COVID-19. While the U.S. Supreme Court denied our petition for reviewing the Fifth Circuit decision, as COVID-19 spreads like wildfire and more prisoner deaths showing the reckless disregard for prisoners’ lives, and the only thing that matters is the prison using statistics to cry to the Texas Legislature for more taxpayer monies so that they, the prison elite bureaucrats, can pocket and live their lives of lavish extravagance as the capitalist parasites they really are! The poor, especially people of color, fill these prison cages, and are affected more with COVID-19 deaths than any other race – I call it a genocide that must be raised in Nuremburg Tribunals charging human rights violations under international law!

On the parole, lawyer Allen D. Place, Jr. has been hired. All support letters must be addressed to the parole board, as follows:

Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles

Review and Releasing

P.O. Box 13401

Austin, Texas

78701 USA

but mailed to

Allen D. Place, Jr.

Attorney at Law,

109 South 7th Street



76528 USA

Please stay in close touch and contact Twitch and check his postings on social media. Film producers from California were in my hometown and in Austin to record sites and interview persons for a possible film or other documentary in the near future about my life story. Stay tuned.

Take care and stay COVID-19 safe! All power to the oppressed, free ’em all! Free labor from the claws of Kapital accumulation!


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