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Message to those outraged by (burnt) rubbish bins

A video intervention from the Cerveaux Non Disponibles collective (the text follows in English).

Originally published by Cerveaux Non Disponibles. Translated by Autonomies.

Before the gravity of the situation, before the social and climate emergency, we believe that you are not up to the task. You, the parties, labour unions, organisations, coordinations. You, the personalities, the representatives, the famous, the leaders.

There are millions of us who want to restart history. We are not talking about preventing neoliberal or pre-fascist reforms. No, we want to dismantle the system that produces them, before it destroys all life, all lives. We know that this cannot be done without the old world resisting, fighting, retaliating.

In France, the Yellow Vests shone a magnificent light and opened the door to this horizon, let’s say it, revolutionary. But the door has remained closed at the cost of incredible repression.

Pretending to rally this ideal, or fearing to carry it fully, the structures which have since taken over most of the ongoing struggles have too often brought with them a well-known game consisting of accepting the injunctions of power to dissociate themselves from the demonstrators considered violent.

This is nothing new, it is even completely out of date.

In a country where people are fighting against the rise of an increasingly insane authoritarianism, against racism, against police violence, against the social violence which falls on the weakest; a country where Zineb Redouane’s killer is still a CRS cop, where the police cut into the tents of migrants, where the government has taken everyone for idiots in the midst of a pandemic. You, you condemn a nurse because she threw a stone in the direction of armored policemen, you condemn a firefighter because he threw a smoke bomb, a yellow vest because he launched fireworks against the BAC [brigades anti-criminalité], and a black bloc because he struck a hammer at the window of a luxury store.

You condemn, you condemn, you condemn. Only each of your condemnations legitimises the next reform aimed at preventing us from demonstrating, the next reform that will allow you to pretend to rediscover the disgust nature of what governs us.

In reality you are helping power.

As we are allies, we will be frank. This is what pisses us off. Not the fact that you still think you can reform the system, from the inside, perhaps by drawing some interests for you and your structures, nor the fact that you still did not understand that there is no more possible negotiation at this time of the structural crisis of capitalism. No. The fact that you for better or worse take part in the repression of struggles because after all, a two-kilometre trap instead of a demonstration, it’s what it takes to prevent the rubbish bins from burning …

It doesn’t make you enemies. But know that at a time when everything seems possible, and especially the worst, we are those who do not intend to leave hope buried by moralistic judgments served on TV channels and newspapers owned by oligarchs.

We don’t lecture, we play politics, dictated by our desire to build another country, another world; to live there with dignity and to be happy there.

It seems like the question between you and us isn’t whether we’re on the same side of the barricade. If you have the time and the energy to explain how a burning BMW doesn’t serve the cause when the world is on fire, armed militias suppress all social struggles, millions of people die in silence while the billionaires are getting richer and richer … It is objectively that you are not on the barricade.

And it’s a shame because it seems to us that like us and thousands of others, that you secretly rejoiced during the most insurrectionary acts of the Yellow Vests, when Christophe Dettinger was boxing and a ministry door fell under the blows of a Fenwick.

Assume it …

From our side, we are shouting it loud. It was beautiful. It was beautiful because it tasted like hope. And to say that does not make us thirsty for violence and chaos. To say that is to know where and when power is actually wavering, even in a stealthy and localised way, and to rejoice in it.

So yes, let’s assume it. When we see revolt, our heart races, and when we see fire, our body is burning with desire for tomorrow, because we dream every day of a better world than the one that no longer holds except by force. A world of freedom. A world of solidarity. A world that is no longer governed by the profit of a few. A world where nature is at the center of collective decisions. It is for this horizon that we are fighting. That we vibrate. And it is for this horizon that destroying the old world is our dearest desire.

You know it. Beneath the civilised veneer, it is indeed in horror and nameless inhumanity that we live; the future that is taking shape in the color of the abyss. Let’s rise up together and do all we can, now, relentlessly and with love.

Cerveaux Non Disponibles, Janaury 21, 2021

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