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Precarious – Chronicle of the struggle for housing in Canary Islands

A documentary (76 Minutes) about the struggle of the Anarchist Federation and the Tenant Union of Gran Canaria. One of the pioneering experiences of the state. The first of the many self-organized unions that are born from below, in neighborhoods and towns throughout the state, from the struggle for access to housing, stopping evictions, with massive squats, relocation of families or on farms acquired through cessions semi-informal with property (hence the term precarious). But always defended with the neighborhood union action.

Originally published by aga Kolektiva Channel.

For English subs, click at the settings button in the video player.

Anarchist housing experiments that have responded to the limited role of island administrations, trying to unite and expand a popular movement through the coverage of basic needs.

With a hybrid audiovisual language, between the journalistic, documentary and experimental genres, the central story is constructed through an intimate approach to families and is complemented by voices from different political, business, academic and legal actors on the island. In the narrative there is also room for an incursion into the tourist dimension of Gran Canaria (34% of GDP), exploring the impact and relationship that this economic monoculture has on housing.

A self-managed documentary that has had the collaboration of communication collectives such as La Directa or Bauma and with a soundtrack by artists such as Silvia Tomas Trio, the rap group Resiliencia and the DJs Mash Masters

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