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Autonomous Anarchists in Indonesia Call for Solidarity Actions with Activists in Pakel, Java

Pakel. Indonesia. The residents of Pakel, East Java have been in conflict with the land mafia PT Bumisari for almost a century, on September 24, 2020, Pakel residents fought PT Bumiasri by occupying and planting crops on the disputed land.

Submitted to Enough 14.

Now it has been more than 3 months for Pakel residents to fight with elements of solidarity against the land mafia and state pigs who protect them’ a few days ago, the fighters in Pakel received news that PT Bumisari together with the state pigs would fight against Pakel farmers and destroy the crops they had planted.

It should be noted that for almost 100 years, the people of Pakel have been oppressed and terrorized. Therefore, the people of Pakel sent a solidarity call to end the oppression they experienced and the threat of destruction; the people of Pakel called for:

  1. Revoke PT BumiSari’s Business Use Rights (HGU) – HGU is a permit granted by the state to private companies to manage state land.
  2. Thoroughly investigate the human rights violations that occurred in Pakel.
  3. Stop terror against the farmers.

Long live the farmers! Long live solidarity!

We, the autonomous anarchist network are calling for solidarity action to the fighters in Pakel; do whatever you want, graffiti and hang and distribute posters, attack the Indonesian consulate, attack Indonesian-owned companies in your country, and take various actions according to your wishes. Long live solidarity!

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