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France: The double liberticidal face of Macronian power

France. Statement by Union Communiste Libertaire  (Libertarian Communist Union) on the Loi Securite Globale (Global Security Bill).

Originally published by  Union Communiste Libertaire. Translated by Aotearoa Workers’ Solidarity Movement (AWSM).

The mobilization against the Global Security Bill began last November. Since then, protests have followed, building a broad social debate on police violence and impunity. But also about their role in maintaining mainstream order. The “separatism” bill, even renamed, is the other major offensive against civil liberties: it aims to stigmatize a part of the population, that of Muslim or considered muslim denomination, to divide the working classes. The Libertarian Communist Union calls for combating this double offensive of macronian power while converging with the ongoing social struggles.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters in 200 cities have been mobilizing for almost three months.

Local unitary frameworks have multiplied, most of which include trade union organisations CGT, FSU and Solidaires, associations such as Attac or the LDH, collectives of families of victims of police crimes and left-wing and far-left organisations. UCL groups and activists are of course taking an active part in this mobilization. I don’t know why.

Muzzle and submit
Because the global security law will give even more impunity to police violence by hindering their documentation. Violence, which is often racist, strikes the working classes where they live and where they struggle.

This law also provides for a safe saturation of public space (generalization of drones and pedestrian cameras): again it is our challenges that are the target of this surveillance.

In addition, government decisions facilitate the record of political, religious or trade union opinions, behaviours and lifestyles. It’s about muzzling and submitting. In support of law enforcement, those who exploit and oppress us.

We will not allow ourselves to be divided
Parallel to the “global security” bill, the “separatism” bill, even renamed “confirming respect for the principles of the Republic”, is the other liberticide side of the ongoing offensive.

No one can deny that this bill is in line with Islamophobic stigmatization policies: it is once again a matter of identifying Muslim people or who are seen as enemies from within.

The bill also provides for the creation of a crime of intent and collective responsibility for associations that would have an obligation to act for the “safeguarding of public order”. Again, what order?

These liberticidal attacks come against a backdrop of an extremely serious health and social crisis. A crisis that will result in hundreds of thousands of layoffs and job losses.

It is up to us to strengthen and organize all the protests, all the resistance, all the mobilizations. Starting with protest on 30 January and being on strike on 4 February.

Faced with the power of the dominant and the Capital, let us build popular power!

Union Communiste Libertaire, January 28, 2021

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