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Nightshift [2] – What color has the night

Sebastian Lotzer wrote three novels that were published by Bahoe Books. Unfortunately his books were not translated (yet?) in English. Sebatian also writes regularly for Sunzi Bingfa. Here is Nightshift [2] – What color has the night, a piece from the latest edition (#15, February 8, 2021) of Sunzi Bingfa. You will find Nightshift [1] here (English).

Originally published by Sunzi Bingfa (#15, February 8, 2021) (German) . Written by Sebastian Lotzer. Translated by Riot Turtle.

“The criterion set by the government to determine the color of our lives is 50 cases per 100,000 people per week. Statistically, this is an extremely low risk rate of 0.5 per mille. How is it possible that people are willing to give up not only their freedom, but also everything that makes life worth living: contact with other people, the look on their faces, memories, and the celebrations they share, for a risk that remains low even when extrapolated over the entire year? Mr. Warden, what color has the night?”

Giorgio Agamben January 25, 2021

After Tunisia, now the Netherlands. The riots of the disaffected youth there have barely ended when Tripoli’s city hall is in flames. Every week, riots sweep through the brave new world of the pandemic state of emergency. People are looking for explanations. If anything. Racism, police violence, social injustice, poverty, hunger… The only question that really needs to be asked is why, after almost a year of a state of emergency in many parts of the world, it is not entirely ablaze? Why still so many people obey the orders of the empire, even if some are more and more reluctant… The corruption and incompetence of the political class of Lebanon is so obvious that even the western media are full of understanding for the violent revolt of the fettered and oppressed. The mushroom cloud from the explosion in the port of Beirut, so fatally reminiscent of the nuclear apocalypse, has burned itself into the historical retina of human history.

But is it so different here in Germany…? Everyone knows about the corruption and interconnection of the political class and capital, the uncovered smearings and incompetence are legion. In everyday life this is grist for the mill for the indignation machinery from BILD to Spiegel, from the Starfighter scandal to the countless plagiarisms with which the functional psychopaths of the political class have obtained surreptitiously their narcissistic upgrading by doctoral degree. A well-oiled media machine that ties anger and indignation to the regulars’ tables, which nowadays have often been transferred to the world of social networks. But outrage alone reduces any antagonistic reflex to language and point of view, indeed in its reductionist essence it only serves to secure domination, because it creates valve functions and pawn sacrifices instead of arming itself with materialist analysis and practice to finally put an end to the whole madness. The response of the bourgeoisie to the visionary clarity of the inevitability of the coming uprising was not for nothing the miserable “Empört Euch” (Outrage), which provided the ideological accompaniment for the diaphanous war maneuvers for the very maintenance of power from occupy to 15-M, which then catapulted their leftist protagonists into the government ranks.

Life simply passes by day after day, tired faces cloaked in blue and white in the subways and buses that have mercifully not yet been forbidden to speak in these places. Apathy and morale-boosting slogans to persevere, an endless winter. And in the midst of it all, that left-wing bubble which, after acclamation and silence on the totality of the measures, is now back in business. Outbidding competition, ZeroCovid, green and red zones, whose inhabitants are to be rewarded or animated to make a bigger effort to stay healthy. Health as an exchange value, freedom of movement as means of payment. The dystopia of In Time is within reach, lifetime as means of payment, perhaps it is already there, because if life in the pandemic state of emergency is reduced to bare survival, everything that constitutes life, i.e. together, contact, joy, everything that is worth remembering, no longer becomes a matter of course of human life in and for itself, but a privilege that becomes dependent on good behavior, conformity and the ability to offer something for exchange at all.

So there is nothing to be outraged about anymore, because outrage is already included in the strategic final fight of the Empire. Everyone can now see the Empire and its way of functioning; uncovered and naked. The outrage is even anticipated, the legendary sentence of the Federal Minister of Health from spring of 2020 “We will all have to forgive each other a lot”, and now that day after day hundreds are dying of Covid19 in the elderly and nursing homes of one of the richest countries in the world, because this incompetent political class is only able to issue decrees against mulled wine drinkers and sledding hill visitors, but cannot even implement a functioning testing strategy (this should probably have been outsourced to the DFL [1]). Therefore, it is inevitable to raise the visor instead of working off the smoke grenades.

Those who are rebelling on the streets these days in spite of everything, are already aware of this, at least on the level of the collective subconscious. This explains the unambiguousness of the revolts, or in other words, these non movements of the unusable surplus proletariat, move as the only acting subjects at the level of the current clash of classes. The poorest of the poor, who for years have been selling off their entrails to a (still illegal) Transplantation Industry in order to purchase their survival for a couple of years, are just the vanguard of historical development, in which human bodies themselves diffuse into the modern quarry of the commodity society. In this historical process, the left, which is essentially a bourgeois at its core in the metropolis, ergo is acting not only out of a lack of conceptuality but certainly in its own interests. One must not deceive oneself about this. Their appeals to solidarity serve the same purpose as those government-produced commercials of solidarity that are sent out as an endless loop throughout the media and meanwhile even through loudspeakers of subway stations and buses and trains. The body no longer belongs to humans themselves, but to the totality of the Endgames, to the Empire. Up to beyond death, because under the cover of the solidarity organ donations after death are also only a voluntary decision for a limited amount of time.

So when we no longer live anyway, or our hope of being allowed to live again depends on the crisis plans of a corrupt and incompetent political caste and the production capacities of the pharmaceutical industry, it is obsolete to work at all on any of the prevailing narratives, especially if they are conjugated by the left. The ever-same calls for bleak demonstrations, which always start uniso with the minimum distance and the request to wear (medical) masks, not only presume a cognitive regression on the part of the recipients, but also do not differ in essence from the morale-boosting slogans to persevere by the ruling class. They add nothing to the narrative of what historical phase we actually find ourselves in by themselves, but only flank the narrative of the Empire, co-shaping the social terminology to maintain the dystopia in which we live in their own way.

The war of the current is civil war, the overwhelming majority of the left is an adversary side in it, its positioning in the pandemic state of emergency corresponds to the logic that has driven it to the approval of the war loans in 1914. The revolutionary revolt, the workers’ and soldiers’ councils, the (missed) historical chance to put an end to our mortal enemies, arose from the resistance against this truce. It will not be possible to go for anything less. To write history. To want to write history. Otherwise we will experience the real end of history, or at least the generations after us. The end of mankind. Or what would be even more cruel, the rule by the green cyborgs. We have the choice.


[1] The DFL is a company of the professional German football (soccer) clubs. The Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH, or simply Deutsche Fußball Liga (“German Football League”), and often shortened to DFL, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Die Liga – Fußballverband. The DFL is responsible for entire operating business of the Ligaverband, including the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga leagues.

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