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Chile: Police Station in Santiago Attacked with Molotovs

The 66th police station in Santiago, Chile was attacked with molotovs after Camilo Miyaki, 27, was killed in police custody. Police falsely claimed he committed suicide in his cell.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

In less than a week, Camilo Miyaki is the second person to die in the middle of a police procedure. First Francisco Martinez, a young juggler killed in Panguipulli, and yesterday Miyaki, a 27 year old man with “no history of mental health illnesses. He had plans, projects. He was a kind person, emotionally stable, and in no case showed suicidal ideas or signs of an incipient depression,” his partner relayed.

In addition to the questioning of the institution, the 51st Police Station of Pedro Aguirre Cerda – where Camilo Miyaki died – is once again being called into question. Previously it was, after an allegation of sexual abuse and torture occurred the first days of social outburst in 2019.

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