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Panther Power, Part 1 – Douglas Patrick

Another article by Douglas Patrick. Douglas will be transferred on February 25, 2021.

Submitted to Enough 14.

Panther Power, Part 1 – Douglas Patrick

All power to the people,

There is a startling number of people who, through the miseducation of, and reliance on, biased and outright false media portrayals, perceive the [original] Black Panther Party as an organization of anti-white zealots with a Black supremacy agenda. However, this depiction couldn’t be further from the truth.Misconceptions of these revolutionary vigilantes as Black hatemongers is a prime example of “Panther mythology”. It’s natural for someone to reject, discredit, and fear what they cannot understand. When people are unsure, they tend to assume the worst, and what could be more frightening to a body of capitalist, white supremacist types than a revolutionary-based, anti-capitalist, Black supremacist organization, with paramilitary forces and a Marxist ideology?

The fact of the matter is that this fraudulent propaganda induced a fear that was intolerable for the U.S. government, so the myth production began receiving mainstream endorsements by the major media outlets. At the time of the Party’s establishment in 1966, the U.S. government was immediately on their toes. All odds of maintaining a positive reputation were against them.

Only when one looks below the surface and analyzes the beliefs and concept that sculpted the Panther movement, they will see the facts for what they are, instead of what the opposition wants you to see. Under the Party’s ideological doctrine, all white people [Europeans] are not defined as enemies of the Afrikan Amerikan people. The BPP emphasized revolutionary solidarity.

The bourgeois ruling class of capitalist, industrial monopolies, the police and corrupt government officials, and racist propagandists were deemed as oppressors and therefore the enemy by Panther theoreticians.

In the words of BPP co-founder, Huey P. Newton, “We don’t hate white people; we hate the oppressor. And if the oppressor happens to be white then we hate him.”Great efforts were made by the Party to form alliances with other ethnic groups so that forces could be consolidated for the ultimate purpose. On December 22nd of 1967, the BPP formed its first biracial alliance with the Peace and Freedom Party (PFP). This alliance was established with the understanding that the Panthers were to assist the PFP in obtaining the necessary signatures to allow PFP candidates to be placed on the California ballot for the 1968 elections. In return, the Peace and Freedom Party gave the Panthers access to sound equipment which was vital in mobilizing support in the eventual exoneration of Huey P Newton.This alliance became the prelude to the establishment of many more multicultural relations. The Ann Arbor, Michigan-based “White Panther Party”, a group of white leftist radicals, also enjoyed political solidarity with the Black Panther Party. The mission of the party was not to promote division within the proletarian community, but rather to abolish the racial barriers that kept the people mutually enslaved and unite against the oppressive tyrannical capitalist that kept the people in a state of constant struggle through their war-like tactics and false propaganda.

As we analyze the actual actions of the party, we will see that the vision was to eliminate racism and promote solidarity. In conclusion, I leave you with the popular party slogan: “We say all power to the people – Black Power to Black People, and Brown Power to Brown People, Red Power to Red People, and Yellow Power to Yellow People. We say White Power to White People.”

Panther Love,

Douglas “Double G” Patrick

Douglas Patrick can currently be contacted at:

Douglas M. Patrick #1380193
Alexander Correctional
633 Old Landfill Road
Taylorsville, NC

However, as of February 25th 2021 he is due to be transferred to the following address:

Douglas M. Patrick
91 Commercial Park Avenue
Taylorsville, NC

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