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Mourning ceremony: funeral of culture – Autonomous Factory Rog [Video]

Ljubljana. Slovenia. Anything that refuses to submit to neoliberal ideology, which cannot be marketable, must vanish under layers of freshly poured concrete. The attractive elements will be enclosed in glass walls as a relic of the once existing diversity of the city’s culture. On February 8, we celebrated the death of the culture together at a solemn funeral procession.

Originally published by Komunal.

The Municipality of Ljubljana committed its last murder on 19 January 2021, when it attacked the Autonomous Factory Rog armed with security guards and the police. The studios were demolished by excavators, the creators were handcuffed, and the remains of the artwork are falling apart on the construction site.

In the name of “culture”, they tried to cut the roots of what was the grass-root cultural, social and political in this city. But they forgot that spring was coming. Our seeds have spread everywhere.

Colorful costumes and props were exchanged for a black mourning dress on Monday, instead of jazz, trumpets will be sung by mourners as we pay tribute to all the lost culture under the sheriff’s mayor and on the ashes of the oppressed, welcome the germ of a new uprising.

Who sows misery reaps rage! Expect us on the streets!

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  1. […] as the heavily armed special police force overflooded streets next to AKC Metelkova mesto – a short time after the end of a peaceful funeral procession in the city center, dedicated to the recent loss of Autonomous factory Rog – our sister space. More than 40 […]

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