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Berlin, Rigaer94: On the announced escalation in our house

Berlin. Rigaer 94. On Thursday evening, February 11, the Tagesspiegel published details of a new court decision of the Chamber Court, according to which lawyer Bernau as well as the self-proclaimed property manager Luschnat are allowed to enter Rigaer94 with the assistance of police force, because they are recognized proxies of the letterbox company Lafone. In doing so, this court overturns several earlier court rulings that the powers of representation were not valid. In recent years, these decisions were one of the reasons for the state’s inability to destroy the house as a political project.

Originally published by Rigaer 94. Translated by Riot Turtle.

While fire protection for us actually means protection from fascist and state arsonists and none of us is interested in burning in our own house (this has already been proven by two fire protection inspections without police escort, which ironically found deficiencies caused by the cops themselves) the farce of fire protection only serves our opponents as another attempt to attack our house. As a projection screen for creating fears and selling securities in the election campaign, we promise all political parties and other interested parties: If we go down there will be no winners.

Which court decision now stings which is still unclear. However, it is to be expected that the politically responsible send their cops as soon as possible. Not only because now the pressure of the last months on Berlin’s police chief and inetrior senator Andreas Geisel will continue to rise, but also because it is the discovered occasion for the supposed opposition and their fans in the ranks of the Berlin authorities to take a stand in the pre-election campaign. With a renewed invasion, this time in the competition of the aggressors to politically exploit our smashed doors and to throw mud at each other, the legal skirmish would end as intended: through permanent renewed lawsuits it was only a matter of time until a court would rule in the interests of the prevailing conditions. But we leave this field to the lawyers…

What is now approaching the Nordkiez and the structures associated with and in solidarity with Rigaer94 only knows one answer: resistance on the streets. At the moment, not much more or less can be expected other than an invasion attempt with a planned siege as already happened in the summers of 2016 and 2020. The desire to destroy the house and weaken the anti-capitalist resistance in Berlin will probably be preceded with the excuse of fire protection, as was the case most recently with the eviction of Rummelsburger Bucht.

Only time will tell how shaky the constructions created by the Interior Senate, the courts and, last but not least, years of work by the LKA state protection departments are. For our part, however, we do not want to wait any longer. In 2016, we joined thousands on the streets to demonstrate our irreconcilability with this state, its henchmen and its apparatuses and helped the then Senator of the Interior, Frank Henkel, to his political departure. Four years later, we were again faced with a state of siege. This attempt to destroy our home and the values associated with it was also a fiasco.

With the eviction of Liebig34 in October 2020, not “only” a unique project in an almost completely gentrified city was destroyed, but it also cleared the way for being able to fully focus on Rigaer94. The media coverage, the targeted propaganda of always the same actors were the preparation for the currently expected large-scale attack on our project. The fact that the Red-Red-Green Senate is already creating facts in view of the upcoming elections was shown not least by the eviction of the camp in Rummelsburger Bucht. With the Orwellian formula of saving people by having excavators destroy their very minimal belongings, cynicism is being elevated to a government program.

Even beyond Berlin, conditions continue to worsen and become more threatening. The military invasion in South Kurdistan that started a few days ago, cops killing all over the world, the revenge of the rulers on members of the urban guerrilla in Greece and the pandemic states of emergency that are enforced in different regions, give a preview of a dystopian year. In recent years, we have considered and positioned ourselves as part of the struggles being waged internationally. We consider it all the more important not to consider these struggles separately and isolated from each other, but rather not only to think about them together, but also to fight them together.

In this context, we are just a small insignificant house in a disgustingly gentrified district of Berlin. As such, we call on all those who do not want to subjugate themselves to the power of the investors to prepare themselves for Day X. This is to be expected in our house again at any time.

Let the cops swallow our debris – Rigaer94

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