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Osterholz Forest, Wuppertal, Germany: Day X is approaching, prepare yourselves! We determine the playing field!

Wuppertal. Germany. Statement by the Osterholz Forest Occupation on the spotting mission of the cops on Thursday September 11, 2021.

Originally published by Jeder Baum Zählt (Ever Tree Counts). Translated by Riot Turtle.

Who would have thought that we would still be living in Osterholz when this beautiful forest was occupied on August 15, 2019? We did! The war of nerves is increasing at the moment, it seems that some representatives of the old world have not yet understood that we were serious when we said that we would fight for this forest.

It is an act of self-defense that is necessary because companies like Oetelshofen are a threat to all living beings in this world. Political clowns at the local, district, state and federal levels are paving the way for them. We have no illusions that the district government will stop the project of the company Oetelshofen. We will have to do that ourselves.

We will do everything to ensure that forests no longer have to give way to the greed for profit of companies like Oetelshofen. Their brutality and contempt for living beings does not deter us. We know it from Hambi, Danni and many other places. It only makes us more determined to fight against this destructiveness. The means we will use to defend ourselves will be determined by ourselves. A legal system that becomes a danger for all living beings is not ours. Its rules have brought us the climate crisis and many other injustices, such as the mass drownings in the Mediterranean Sea.

The visit of about 18 police officers on Thursday, February 11, did not impress us. At the most, it only showed that DAY X is coming closer, so get ready!

We determine the playing field, because the climate crisis is everywhere!

Solidarity greetings to all forest squatters in the world!

Osterholz Bleibt! (Osterholz Remains!)

Jeder Baum Zählt! (Every tree counts!)

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