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Turkey launches offensive in southern Kurdistan

It seems that Turkish fascism is once again launching another devastating strike against the Kurdish freedom movement in order to expand its neo-Ottoman aspirations.

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Enough 14.

So let’s not let the attack, like the previous attacks, go unanswered. Let us stand up together, against Turkish fascism, against the betrayal of the PDK, for Rojava, for the liberation movement, not only in Gare and Kurdistan but all over the world. Only with international solidarity the resistance will be successful.

Let us not leave alone those who in these hours are fiercely resisting the enemies of freedom and who are ready to give their lives in the fight for life.

During the night of February 9-10, the fascist Turkish state launched an invasion against the liberated areas in Southern Kurdistan. Since the early morning hours, the Turkish military has been attacking the southern Kurdish region of Gare, which shares a border with Rojava, with bombardments, warplanes and ground troops. In doing so, it is cooperating with Barzani and the PDK, which is not committing treason against the population in southern Kurdistan for the first time. Back in 2014, it handed over the population of Shengal to the IS without protection. Then, as now, the guerrillas of the Free Mountains of Kurdistan determinedly resisted the occupiers.

The invasion of Gare is a direct attack on the heart of the women’s revolution in Kurdistan!

The offensive comes just a week after Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar met with his German counterpart Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in Berlin. It is clear: The Turkish state is dependent on the help of other powers and cannot wage this war alone – it was sanctioned in Berlin and by other states! The German government is not only silently watching the attacks, it has made them possible by its diplomatic and military support!

We cannot regard it as a coincidence that a week after the talks in Baghdad and Berlin, a renewed offensive on the part of the Turkish state has begun.

We must respond to the invasion of Turkey, the betrayal of the PDK and the German-Turkish cooperation. We must create a public sphere when these patriarchal and imperialist powers attack the heart of the women’s movement.

We cannot remain silent, we cannot stand by, we cannot say we did not know about all this. The country in which we live has blood on its hands. It is our responsibility to stop this complicity!

Let us take an example from the heroic resistance of the guerrillas in the free mountains of Kurdistan, from the people who suffered so much pain and yet did not give up, and from all those who gave their lives in the fight for freedom.

Solidarity is not a phrase, it means resistance – also in times of a pandemic.
It is time for an offensive, time to defend ourselves together, time to live up to our own responsibility. Because the neoliberal, imperialist, capitalist and patriarchal system shows its true face.

Let’s inform our fellow human beings about the current situation and organize actions to raise public awareness. Let’s show the media that there are other issues than the lockdown policy of the federal government.

Let’s bring our love for life and for a liberated society to the outside world. Let’s show what values and changes we are fighting for. Together, let’s live up to our responsibility for all those who come after us.

It is high time to defend the women’s revolution and humanity!

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