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Osterholz Forest Occupation, Wuppertal, Germany: About barricades and other inconveniences

Wuppertal. Germany. There are many kinds of barricades in this world. Most of these barricades are built by capitalism. This economic system has thrown up a massive barricade against efforts to save our planet. The Oetelshofen company is also a master in building barricades. Their barricade consists, among other things, of 5 hectares of forest that they want to clear for their waste. It is a barricade against the life of trees, plants and animals in the Osterholz forest. Birds, fire salamanders, trees and wild orchids will have to give way for Oetelshofen’s greed for profit. When the forest is cleared, they will build a new giant barricade, which they will call a dump. It will be dozens of meters high.

Originally published by Jeder Baum Zählt (Ever Tree Counts). Translated by Riot Turtle.

In Hamburg, 13 homeless people have recently frozen to death. An invisible capitalist barricade ensured that these people were not allowed to live in empty hotels. The capitalist barricades in Hamburg are just as invisible as those in the Mediterranean Sea, and just as deadly. So it is with the barricades of the companies Oetelshofen, RWE and DEGES. These companies build barricades against life in this world. One to store its garbage, the other to extract its toxic brown coal and the last one to build highways through forests and drinking water protection areas. The activities of these kinds of companies are a death in installments. Just as the capitalist-induced climate crisis in general is a death in installments. But millions of living organisms are already dying due to the capitalist logic and mode of production. It seems that that is not enough for such ruthless companies, they continue business as usual. This applies both to the small ones, like Oetelshofen, and to large corporations, like RWE. The logic is always the same.

Now there are already barricades in the Osterholz forest. These barricades are there to protect the Osterholz Forest and all the organisms that live in it. Barricades may be inconvenient, but have different functions. While some are there to destroy living beings for the logic of profit, usually you don’t see these barricades until they have left a trail of devastation, others are there to protect living beings. The latter are visible, they don’t hide behind permit processes and other constructs of these corporations that try to hide their deadly logic. Just because many of the barricades thrown up by the old world in the form of paragraphs, police, and ultimately the greed for profit protected by law are often invisible does not mean they are legitimate. They endanger the common good and kill. So don’t be put off, it may be inconvenient that the Osterholz Forest has become a place of confrontation between the old and new world for the past two years, but if we are ever to free ourselves from these destructive capitalist shackles and if the whole planet is to have a future, this confrontation is necessary and important. The barricades now visible in Osterholz are an act of self-defense against a system that is destroying life.

Forest occupations are often fought against on our planet. No wonder, they contradict the profit logic of capitalism. A logic that is always in search of things that are exploitable. A logic that sees nature not as a beautiful and fascinating source of life, but as something that stands in the way of profit and thus can quietly be removed. Let’s build many barricades so that we can overcome the barricades of capitalism.

Soon they will probably send their army in blue to remove the barricades for life. Instead of stopping destruction, they will try to weaken the self-defense mechanisms of life. Just as they have done in Hambi, Danni and many other places in this world. But they cannot defeat us, because we are seeds and we will always come back. As we have said before, Day X is approaching. Prepare yourselves and do not forget: we determine the playing field, because the climate crisis is everywhere!

Osterholz Bleibt! (Osterholz Remains!)

Jeder Baum Zählt! (Every tree counts!)

February 14, 2021

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