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Call for solidarity with Dimitris Koufontinas – Updates on his health condition

Gathering: Thursday, 18.02.2021 | 10:00 | Greek Embassy, Kurfürstendamm 185, U7 Adenauer platz, Berlin.

It is not the first time, that the greek state is targeting the communist revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas, member of the revolutionary organization 17th of November with intense political references on the national-liberation struggle and was acting against the Greek, American, Turkish and British states, focusing on the struggle against imperialism.

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

Under a recently introduced law restricting the permits of prisoners and blocking prisoners with life-sentences from serving them in agricultural [1] prisons, Dimitris Koufontinas was abducted from the agricultural prison where he was serving his sentence. Instead of transferring him to the prison of Korydallos (high-security prisons in Athens), as prescribed by the same law, the greek state under the order of the secretary of the anti-crime policy (who actually does not even have the jurisdiction of such a decision), D. Koufontinas was transferred at the prisons of Domokos ( Domokos Prisons was a high security prison where prisoners under the “antiterrorist” law will convict their sentence. After many fights, these prisons were actually abolished.)

Demanding his transfer to the prisons of Korydallos, Dimitris Koufontinas is choosing once again to resist, by starting a hunger strike on the 8th of January.

At the moment, after 40 days of hunger strike, D. Koufontinas health is crucial and he has non reversible damagesNot only his age but also his imperaid health condition, caused also of the previous hunger strikes, this one is the 5th as the greek state was and is functioning vindictively and punitively against him, on 16th of Tuesday D. Koufontinas got transferred in to the intensive care unit in Lamia hospital. This is against his will. The risk of getting other infections is really high and because of covid-19 no visiters are allowed. Moreover, the director of this unit declared the previous days that they will intervene to his body without his will, by forcefeeding, orally or intravenously if there is a lifethreatining situation against. [2]

While the greek state is becoming more and more authoritarian, by forcing cops in the universities, by limiting the freedom of every person living and acting in this country, is making the prisoner’s lifes even more unbearable. For us its clear. In the face of the communist revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas the greek state is unfolding it’s revengeful strategy against an ideologically and practically consistent, unrepentant revolutionary. It is worthy to mention that 17N has executed members of the family of the current prime minister Mitsotakis (the execution of Pavlos Bakoyannis, 1989) and the attack against Koufontinas is therefore integrated in this frame too. After 18 years of detention in the cells of their bourgeois democracy, Dimitris Koufontinas is still a member of the movement, inspiring and fighting against the oppressors and the exploiters of this world. And he is never alone. Besides him, two more anarchists prisoners were in hunger strike (Nikos Maziotis -member of the anarchist Revolutionary Struggle, and Giannis Dimitrakis, hunger strikers from 16/1 till 4/2) and two more political prisoners in custody (Vagelis Stathopoulos and Polykarpos Georgiadis) were in a 5 days symbolic hunger strike.

During a pandemic the states worldwide are showing their most authoritarian faces making clear that profit comes first. Lockdowns, omnipresent police, precarious working conditions, racists policies are some of the few examples of their policy strategies. The same time when the society is being oppressed, the invisibles of this world are suffering in overcrowded prisons under precarious health conditions facing isolation and alienation. And in these moments our solidarity is more necessary than ever.

Through decentralized actions, manifestations and collective moments we stand in solidarity with D. Koufontinas, as also with everyone facing state repression, and we call for a manifestation on Thursday the 18th at 10:00 in front of the Greek Embassy at Kurfürstendamm 185 – U7 Adenauer platz (Berlin, Enough 14) showing that solidarity is borderless and none is alone in the hands of the state.




[1]  Agricultural prisons are rural prisons where prisoners can work in the fields with less restrictions.

[2]  URGENT UPDATE – The hunger striker D. Koufontinas got transefered in the intensive care unit

Today, Tuesday 16/2, the struggler-hunger striker D. Koufontinas, who is on the 40th day of hunger strike, after a worsening of his health status, got transefered to the Intensive Care Unit (Μ.Ε.Θ.) in Lamia hospital.

For anything newer there will be an update.


Assembly in solidarity with the hunger striker D. Koufontina

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