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Statement by Pablo Hasél: “I will not repent in order to reduce my sentence”

A statement by Pablo Hasél from January 29, 2021. Two weeks before he was imprisoned.

Originally published by Kaos en la Red. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Communiqué in the face of my imminent imprisonment

In 10 days the armed wing of the State will come to kidnap me by force to imprison me because I will not present myself voluntarily at the prison. I don’t even know to which prison they will take me or for how long. Between all the cases I have collected for the struggle, some with sentences pending appeal and others pending trial, I could serve up to 20 years in prison. This constant harassment that I have suffered for many years and that materializes beyond the prison sentences, is not only because of my revolutionary songs, but also because of my militancy beyond music and writing. The Prosecutor herself literally acknowledged: “he is dangerous because he is so well known and incites social mobilization”. Putting into practice the struggle I talk about in my songs is what has put me in the spotlight in particular, in addition to supporting organizations that have fought the State, being in solidarity with their political prisoners and raising awareness by denouncing injustices and exposing the culprits loud and clear.

It is very important to make clear that it is not just an attack against me, but against freedom of expression and therefore against the vast majority of people who do not have this right guaranteed, like so many other democratic freedoms. When they repress one, they do it to scare the rest. With this terrorism they want to prevent that their crimes and policies of exploitation and misery are denounced, we cannot allow it. They know that I will not give up because I am in prison, that is why they do it in order to scare the rest. For not internalizing that it is an aggression against every antifascist, there has been a lack of solidarity to avoid my imprisonment and that of so many others. The regime grows in the face of a lack of resistance and every day takes away more rights and freedoms from us and without thinking twice when it comes to attack us, we need to organize self-defense in the face of its systematic attacks. Many people write to ask me what they can do. We need to spread the word so that everyone knows what they are doing and become aware, but above all we need to organize. Not only to bring solidarity in the streets and properly coordinate it, but also to defend all the rights that they trample on with impunity.

It is also necessary to point out the so-called “progressive” government for allowing this and so much more, while they protect the Monarchy and increase its budget, they do not touch the gag law and other repressive laws, they have also added the “digital gag law”, they continue to have prisons full of activists in terrible conditions, in addition to other policies against the working class. There is no doubt that if we were imprisoned with a PP and VOX government there would be a much bigger scandal, but it is these phonies who, claiming to be leftists, have not even firmly opposed this.

I will not repent in order to reduce my sentence or avoid jail, serving a just cause is a form of pride that I will never renounce. If I am released before the end of my sentence, it will be because the pressure of solidarity has conquered it. Prison is another trench from which I will continue to contribute and grow, like so many other people. I started to fight inspired by the example of resistance and other inputs from numerous political prisoners. I hope that this serious outrage will be used to add more people to the struggle against the regime. The enemy of our dignity, that if they imprison me to silence the message I will have a bigger audience and they will lose out. Regarding my exile, I have decided to stay here so that this opportunity may be used to unmask them even more. This blow against our freedoms can be turned against them, let’s get down to work.

Pablo Hasél, January 29, 2021.

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