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Wave of protests across the spanish territory after imprisonment of Pablo Hasél

During this week protests are taking place in various parts of the Spanish state, with tens of thousands of people taking to the streets in response to the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél, convicted for glorifying terrorism.

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Originally published by Contra Madriz. Translated by Riot Turtle.

What in itself may seem a mere protest for democratic rights and freedoms, is serving as a catalyst for the rage and frustration accumulated throughout this year of pandemic. The repressive situation worldwide and more specifically, in the Spanish state, with the state of emergency, curfews, increase in police violence, social control, hunger, unemployment, foreclosures, evictions, is producing an upsurge of revolt around the world as we have not witnessed since 2019, before this cycle of repression, taking advantage of the pandemic, began to break out.

Yesterday alone (February 17, 2021, Enough 14), there were dozens of people injured (in Barcelona one person lost his eye the day before), fifty arrests and major riots in cities across Catalonia and the Spanish territory such as Lleida, Granada, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia (the day before). These incidents were reproduced for the second consecutive day, especially in Catalonia, where in Vic, for example, a Mossos d’Esquadras police station was destroyed.

The uniformed also received their share, despite the imbalance of forces, and there were attacks and destruction in capitalist facilities. The virulence of the protests is especially strong in Catalonia and to a lesser extent in the capital, Madrid, but has also spread to cities like Valencia, Granada and many other cities of the peninsula.

The press and the State have responded by closing their ranks around the democratic consensus and the usual rivers of ink praising the repressive apparatuses and demanding the heads of the militants. Arrests are not ruled out, especially in Catalonia, where according to the official media, anti-terrorist forces are investigating events such as the attack on the police station.

More mobilizations are expected this weekend.

As anarchists, we are not concerned with issues such as freedom of expression, democratic rights or other issues that seek to varnish democracy as a formula of state government that subjugates and exploits us. But we will encourage to take the streets and support the struggle against the State, through direct action and solidarity, to deepen the social war on the margins and against politics and democracy. We have to prepare ourselves, both to face the enemy we have in front of us, which is none other than the State and its repressive forces as guarantor of the current order, as well as for the recuperators and politicians who will play a role of recuperation and redirection of rage to the ballot box and hope to reform a structure which is rotten to the core.

Against all authority.

Freedom for Hasél, freedom for all!

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