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Never trust Simone: Rail station forest in Flensburg is being evicted right now

Flensburg. Germany. The rail station forest in Flensburg, which has been occupied for almost five months, is now being officially evicted following the killing of trees by people hired by the investors on Friday. The city of Flensburg has issued a request for assistance to the police. This shows that vigilante justice obviously leads to success after all: After all the promises not to evict this month because of the intensified Corona situation in Flensburg, Mayor Simone Lange has now broken them after all.

Originally published by  Infoladen Subtilus. Translated by Riot Turtle.

On Friday, the Minister of Justice still stated: “The monopoly on the use of force certainly does not belong to private security services”. Nevertheless, the police had initially allowed the logging work to continue unhindered and limited themselves at that point to requests to refrain from doing so. By the time they enforced these requests, it was already too late: most of the trees had been irretrievably destroyed by all-round logging. In the process, one tree was sawed by more than 5 cm, on which there was still a person, who was thereby deliberately put in danger of his life by the investors. In the evening, the trees had been cut down in mutual agreement.

On the same evening, the mayor’s office issued a general order banning the continuation of a registered vigil from 0:00 a.m., which was within sight of the forest.

By order of the city of Flensburg and against all statements and promises made so far, the police will evict the rest of the tree houses and the people in the forest today. The new eviction pretext this time: Corona violations in the tree houses, although the people there do not change between the tree houses and live there together for months! Thereby just the accumulating police large-scale operation is a much more dangerous attack on the health of the people who live in Flensburg and all cities from which the police come. Because in Flensburg, the dangerous mutations occur in clusters, which the police will now drag to other places.

All this is happening solely because of the profit interest of the investors Jan Duschkewitz and Ralf Hansen, who want to build a hotel and a parking garage on the site and therefore want to destroy the intact inner-city forest area. Their approach of entering the forest with a private army without consideration for the lives of the squatters and practicing vigilante justice is thus rewarded by the official side: they get away with it. Numerous illegal forest cuttings in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein show: Profit interests come first.

“We are angry. Angry about the whole plan to build a parking garage and a hotel here when we need forest for our climate and our future much more urgently. We’re angry about broken promises. Angry at the investors, at the city, at the state, at the police who are enforcing all of this. We will defend the forest,” explains one squatter, “And even if the forest falls, we won’t stop fighting against the proposed project, in all kinds of ways.”

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