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Uprising in Saravan, Iranian Baluchistan After Massacre of 37 Workers by Police

Saravan. Iran. In recent days, dozens of Baluchistan’s fuel carriers have been killed and injured in the border town of Saravan. The mourning and poor people have risen against the fascist Shia Islamic Caliphate regime in Iran. The people have started an uprising and attacked the oppressive military and security forces.

Originally published by Federation of Anarchism Era. Written by Hasse-Nima Golkar.

Today, February 23, 2021, the people have attacked several government buildings, among others, and set fire to several police vehicles. The Fascist Capitalist Shia Islamic regime in Iran, because of the West’s international pressure and the anger and discontent of the vast majority of people, has become desperate and is terribly afraid the armed uprising of the people may succeed in overthrowing the state as a whole. Therefore, the use of imprisonment, torture, and execution on a larger scale than before, during the Internet shutdown, is inevitable

But, does the Iranian working people have anything left to lose due to the astronomical plunder of various natural resources during the forty-two years of the abominable Khomeini-Khamenei regime with the full support of the military and security forces, especially the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps?

In these sensitive and critical situations, the deadly silence must be broken, and by all means at hand and all forms of fighting methods, must support the people of Sistan & Baluchistan fighting on the streets. Do not let the righteous uprising of the people be defeated again, repeating another catastrophic massacre in Iranian history.

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