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The Pipeline Riots and the Riot Pipeline: Struggles in a Warming World, Joshua Clover, Andreas Malm [Video]

Video recording from Thursday, February 11, 2021, Online Discussion: The Pipeline Riots and the Riot Pipeline: Struggles in a Warming World, with Joshua Clover and Andreas Malm Moderators: Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich (co-translator) and Ines Schwerdtner (Jacobin Magazin).

Originally published by Helle Panke.

On the occasion of the recent German publication of both Joshua Clover’s Riot. Strike. Riot: Die neue Ära der Aufstände (Galerie der abseitigen Künste/NON) and Andreas Malm’s Wie man eine Pipeline in die Luft jagt: Kämpfen lernen in einer Welt in Flammen (Matthes & Seitz) as well as Clover’s essay “66 Tage” (Kosmoprolet/ajour) and Malm’s most recent book Klima|x (Matthes & Seitz)—all originally published by Verso—we have invited both authors to discuss communist strategy and tactics in the struggle against fossil capital and global capitalism’s manifold and pandemic-fueled crisis.

We will ask both authors to reflect on the notion of “climate riots” and related forms of ecological and circulation struggles in the context of emerging climate management regimes and to mine the history of infrastructural blockades and encampments, exemplified by groups such as Ende Gelände (against coal mines and gas pipelines) and NoDAPL (against the Dakota Access Pipeline), in Europe and North America. We hope to be able to address the role of indigenous resistance and the ecological dimension of militant anti-austerity riots and rebellions around the world, encapsulated in the Gilets Jaunes’ motto: “Fin du monde, fin du mois: même combat!”

We are looking forward to a stimulating and wide-ranging debate on questions of state power, class recomposition, racialized surplus populations, and the material conditions of possibility of new forms of solidarity and struggle in the Fall—or is it Winter already?—of global capital in a warming world.

Joshua Clover is a Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of California Davis. He published the widely discussed Riot-Strike-Riot as well as many other books and articles.

Andreas Malm is researcher at the Institute for Human Ecology at Lund University in Sweden and has been active in the climate justice movement for 20 years. In spring 2020 he was a visiting researcher at the Center for Humanities and Social Change in Berlin. His latest books are Fossil Capital: The Rise of Steam Power and the Roots of Global Warming, and The Progress of This Storm: Nature and Society in a Warming World.

In Cooperation with Galerie der abseitigen Künste and NON, Matthes und Seitz Verlag and Jacobin Magazin.

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