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Solidarity News for Dimitris Koufontinas in Greece

An overview with some of the actions in solidarity with hunger and thirst striker Dimitris Koufontinas in Greece. Note: This overview is far from complete.

Originally published by Act for Freedom now!

[GianninaCity] Intervention on the ITV television station for D. Koufontinas


by Open Assembly Against Social Consensus

On Thursday 25/2/2021, an intervention was made on the local ITV channel, interrupting the main news bulletin at 20:30.

Slogans of solidarity were shouted for the hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas and a video was broadcast with the text in support of our assembly in the fair fight it is giving.

VIDEO from the intervention

Taking responsibility for Zografou area in Athens by Anarchists

24/2 we broke the window and the van of a Sklavenitis supermarket in the area of ​​Zografou. This action is a solidarity action for the hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas. It is one of the many actions taking place in recent days. It is now clear that the ND government is bringing the death penalty back to the forefront in retaliation. It is also clear that this government is not at all interested in the possible political cost of its decisions. For the rest of the time ND remains in power it will continue the same policy or even worse and this is something we should have in mind. The first dead hunger striker in Greece legalizes the death penalty and prisoners are left to the appetites of every ruler, whether they are political prisoners or not.

If D.K. dies, revenge is certain and we will show no mercy.

We call on the world of struggle to prepare because this will not be the end but the beginning.

Whether in the centre of the metropolis or in the neighbourhoods, the streets will become battlefields.

[Volos City] – Response from a march for Koufontinas

from the Volos Counterintelligence Initiative

Victory now in the hunger strike -The transfer of Mitsos Koufontinas

On the afternoon of Friday 26/2, more than 150 people participated in the rally and the march that followed as a sign of solidarity with the hunger and thirst striker Dimitris Koufontinas in the centre of Volos. The pulse was strong and the response of the passing people was once again positive while this was the 5th in a row invited mobilization in the city. During the march, a symbolic intervention was made in red paint in the political office of Christos Boukoros (ND MP and deputy parliamentary representative) while the slogan ‘the only terrorists’ bureaucracy is the government offices’ was heard. The presence of the police was discreet and from a distance.

At the moment when the life of Dimitris Koufontinas hangs on a thread, the systemic media continue the campaign of silence and mud while the uniformed bastards in Athens once again hit the gathering there. The hundreds of arrests in recent days, with the well-known package of charges (intervention in the Ministry of Health, intervention in the offices of ND in Moschato, rallies in the propylaea, etc.), fines that fall in the rain, beatings and attacks even on journalists, are once again the greatest proof of who the terrorist is. The struggle of Dimitris Koufontinas concerns us all. The beatings and attacks even on journalists are once again the greatest proof of who the terrorist is. The struggle of Dimitris Koufontinas concerns us all.

To stop the extermination of the fighter Dimitris Koufontinas

Victory now in the hunger and thirst strike!

PATRAS CITY: From the solidarity march to the hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas

from Solidarity to Koufontinas


Today’s called march of solidarity for Dimitris Koufontinas was the largest to date with the people reaching 250-300. Solidarity with Dimitris Koufontinas.

The one who condemned a people to starvation is called Mitsotakis and not KoufontinaS. Patras 26.2

Information from the solidarity march for the hunger striker D. Koufontina on 24/2.(Giannena City)

by Open Assembly against social consensus

On Wednesday 24/2, a solidarity march was held in Giannina for the hunger / thirst striker D. Koufontina, with the participation of about 350 people from forces of the left and the anti-authoritarian space. The “Open Assembly against social consensus” participated with its own bloc that gathered about 100 people with a banner that read “State & capital are the only terrorists, SOLIDARITY TO D. KOUFONTINA”.

Solidarity to the hunger striker, from 8/1, Dimitris Koufontina

Political prisoner Dimitris Koufontinas has been on a hunger strike since January 8, once again proposing his body as a last resort against the regime of exclusion and isolation. Being in an Intensive Care Unit and having overcome 40 days of hunger strike, his life is in a very critical condition. Every day and hour that passes burdens his (already burdened) organism, causing him irreversible damage and leading him to death.

The State once again is showing its vindictive character against anyone who fights against State exploitation and repression. Inventing laws and tricks, it targets and attacks those who resist, those who do not consent to their submission and continue to fight for freedom and dignity. D. Koufontinas is not only being punished for his actions, for which he has fully assumed his responsibilities and has been imprisoned for 18 years, but also for his action and his contribution, behind bars, in the struggle against the system, which produces inequality, exploitation and submissive beings.

Under the guise of a pandemic, the State is seizing the opportunity to crush all forms of resistance, whether it comes from those who fight against it inside and outside the walls, or from the entire working class, the student movement and the wider social struggle. In a situation where we are experiencing the deprivation of freedom and expression in our skin, D. Koufontinas shows us in the most painful way that the struggles for a fairer world cannot be quarantined.

For us, another state-capital assassination is taking place, which clearly shows and (again) confirms that their goal is to end anything that stands in the way of their greedy plans. We support the struggle of Dimitris Koufontinas because the battle he is waging reminds us that it is not enough just to live, but to live with dignity.

Victory in the hunger strike of Dimitris Koufontinas and immediate satisfaction of his request

Fight until the demolition of the last prison

The passion for freedom is stronger than all cells

Strength to those who do not forget, do not keep silent and continue to fight

Open Assembly Against Social Consensus /

Livadeia Down -Information from the solidarity rally with D. Koufontinas

by Anarchists of Livadeia


The rally of solidarity for D. Koufontinas took place despite the presence of repressive forces throughout the city. More than 40 comrades supported the call. There was a microphone and text sharing and slogans were shouted by the attending people. A march through all the main streets of the city followed with a strong pulse and slogans. The march ended smoothly at the point where it began, and people remained for a while shouting slogans.


[Heraklion,Grete island ] Attack on the political office of ND MP L. Avgenakis

from Α

At noon on Friday 26/2, a group of comrades attacked the political office of the ND MP and Deputy Minister of Sports L. Avgenakis in Heraklion, Crete.

At noon on Friday 26/2, a group of comrades attacked the political office of the ND MP and Deputy Minister of Sports L. Avgenakis in Heraklion, Crete.

Victory in the struggle of the political prisoner, hunger and thirst striker Dimitris Koufontinas

Immediate satisfaction of his request

You sow fear – You reap anger

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