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Switzerland: Solidarity from Zurich for Dimitris Koufontinas!

Zurich, Switzerland. Statement on a solidarity action at the Greek consulate in Zurich for Dimitris Koufontinas.

Originally published by Barrikade Info.

Solidarity from Zurich for D. Koufontinas! February 25, 2021

We gathered at the Greek Consulate in Zurich-Seefeld to express our solidarity with the struggles of prisoner Dimitris Koufontinas. With over 45 days on hunger skrike, and with his 3rd day on thirst strike today, he has been fighting against the deterioration of his prison conditions. The attack against him stems from the vindictiveness of the Greek bourgeoisie, because Dimitris is a militant of November 17, fighting organization that struck fear into the rulers in Greece.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with Dimitris and all those who have supported and affirmed his demands in the past days and weeks, no matter where, no matter how.

Strength and success for Dimitris Koufontinas! For the immediate fulfillment of his demands!

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