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A daily question: Is Dimitris still alive?

A few personal words from Riot Turtle on Dimitris Koufontinas.

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtle.

Every morning the same procedure. For days now. I wake up, grab my phone and check if Dimitris Koufontinas is still alive… As i started to write this article, on March 1, 2021, there wasn’t an announcement about his death, so I assume our comrade is still alive.

I feel the tension in my body because I know Dimitris could die any minute now. A comrade that is putting his own body in the line. A comrade who fights with determination.

I feel very close to the comrades in arms, although its so far away from my own contribution to the anti-capitalist struggle. But to be honest, the parts of the so-called left that plays by the rules of our oppressors are much further away. Nowadays I don’t even consider this wannabee fake opposition as comrades. Its just not possible to end the ecological destruction, the deadly European border regime or the endless capitalist wars across the globe within the capitalist so-called „democracy“ framework. If our rulers start to feel the heat, they send the police or the army.

For me personally playing by the given rules means not willing to really act. That is why I consider many (not all!) leftwing groups in Germany a wannabee fake opposition. Its counter productive because this kind of theater play makes people believe that they can change the capitalist and racist conditions in which we live with things like sit-ins and “event” actions. There is nothing against a sit-in, but when its not part of a diversity of tactics strategy it will fail. So-called leftwing activists that are rejecting a diversity of tactics and reject spontaneous uprisings like in Stuttgart (Germany) after a racial profiling operation by cops last summer are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Anti-capitalist armed struggle is a consequence of the awareness of the structural violence of capitalism. The awareness that our rulers, who benefit from capitalism, will never ever give up voluntarily and cannot be defeated in a strict nonviolent way. When our rulers consider it to be necessary, they would shoot us. The guerilla fighters of the anti-capitalist armed struggle know that and they give up their daily lives for the struggle. They risk to be killed, and/or to be imprisoned for many many years.

Of course we have to discuss certain actions and practises. A revolutionary approach lives from its actions, its propaganda and its solidary but critical discussions. But we owe the guerilla fighters a lot. Again: they are the ones that put their lives on the line and risk everything in order to put an end to the misery we are living in.

Personally I decided to contribute to the struggle in other ways many years ago. But although I took many risks over the years, I have to admit that I always had a feeling of guilt. Of not doing enough, as I am aware that our rulers will only leave, when we drive them out. By force.

Whenever urban guerilla fighters are continuing their fight in prison, I try to engage as good as I can. Back in the days we didn’t need much words to engage in the prison struggles. I had enough comrades around me to do something but nowadays that’s not that easy anymore. The capacity to act is vanishing more and more on the German territory. Many people here use radical language, but are actually militant social democrats, to be honest… they aren’t even militant. But fortunately there are still pockets of revolutionary resistance, and we haver to make them grow again.

Over the years many comrades have died in the armed struggle, on the streets by police bullets, or in prison. But they live on in our actions, they live on when we make sure that they are not forgotten. That is the mimimum we have to do for our fallen comrades. I still hope Dimitris will win his struggle. I hope he will stay alive, but the Greek ND regime seems to want their revenge. They want to see him dead.

The world is pushed to an ecological disaster by capitalism. More and more people suffer, among other things, from poverty and racist policies. The conditions for more and more people are unbearable. Its about time we intensify the struggle. Also for Dimitris.

“We call on the world of struggle to prepare because this will not be the end but the beginning. Whether in the centre of the metropolis or in the neighbourhoods, the streets will become battlefields.”

anarchist comrades from Athens

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