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Nine nights of riots in Barcelona after arrest of rapper Pablo Hasél

February 28. 2021. Until now 9 nights continued riots in the city of Barcelona after the detention and imprisonment of the communist rapper Pablo Hasél, who has a charge of 9 month of prison for the political letters of his songs. Pablo got arrested last Monday 15th February when he were barricaded with 50 solidarious comrades in the University of Lleida (Lerida, 150km from Barcelona).

Originally published by Act For Freedom Now!

Also in other spanish cities like Madrid, Valencia, Murcia, Vigo etc. were some riots and demonstrations against the detention of Pablo Hasél, but Barcelona fights hard this time. Until now there are arround 85 comrades detained by the cops only in Barcelona. Barricades and fire everywhere!

Also in the big shopping-mile Passeig de Gracia last Saturday a lot of luxus- shops were destroyed or saqueadas. Also police-stations were attacked.

Now the big commercials and banks make pressure against the catalanGovernment “cause police don’t stop the riots and gouvernment just critizise police-violence”. Catalan police Mossos d’Esquadra used flashballs against the demonstrators and one girl lost her eye last Tuesday in the demonstration.

Saturday 20 was the biggest march until now with about 7000 people in the streets. Hundreds of containers burned, also motorbikes and cars in flames!The commercial lobby is crying about uncontrolled caos in the city…Tuesday 23 night the riots had an antifascist backround because the fascist party VOX convocated a rally in the northern suburb Sarriá, but the cops avoided the direct confrontation with the nazis (only 15 appeared), but there were smaller clashs with the cops. There were 500 people in the antifascist mob…

It were smelling a long time of a near social explotion in Barcelona, thedetention of Pablo Hasél was just the necessary excuse for a lot of anarchists, communists or whatever young rioters to take back the streets and destroy or burn all the shit what they hate: capitalist and state symbols.The riots started just the day after the catalan elections were 46% abstained to vote. The ‘ingovernables’ are in the streets to give a hot ‘welcome’ to the independence-politicians of the new catalan gouvernment and his commercial backround. Until now 1 Million € of destruction-costs and funny confrontations between all political parties are just the beginning of the fall of their shitty democratic system. Each night is good for a new riot!

Actualization: After 2 nights of calm on Saturday 27 Feb. there was a new demonstration of arround 5000 people for freedom of Hasél and speach, and about all social problems, against Mordaza-law and police-violence.

After the demo there were barricades in Raval and Rambla police station was attacked, one police-van was burned by molotoff cocktail, also a big hotel in the Rambla was vandalized. 14 comrades were arrested that night.

Totally since 16th of February 137 demonstrators were detained, at least one of them is accused of the arson on the police-van.

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