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Update on the hunger/thirst strike by Dimitris Koufontinas – “I don’t want to die!”

Greece. Dimitris Koufontinas has been in hunger strike since January 8, 2021 and in thirst strike since February 22. He demands to be transferred to the high security prison Kordydallos. He is denied this request, and at the same time he is subject to countless restrictions under the new anti-terrorism law.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Riot Turtle.

The hunger strike is the final and only possibility for Dimitris to enforce his demands. In the following we would like to publish the latest statements of D. Koufontinas, the treating doctors and his lawyer to provide an update on the current situation.

The Greek government ignores to this day the demands of Dimitris Koufontinas to be transferred to a prison near Athens. Instead, he was transferred from an agricultural prison, a prison with many freedoms and located in the countryside, to the high security prison in Domokos.

Dimitris has been in the intensive care unit in Lamia for 12 days and is fighting against death. He refuses any medication and force-feeding, and has also not taken any liquids for 7 days. Also, in order not to be intentionally brought into a coma by the government and then revived, he ordered not to be revived in case of cardiovascular arrest.

So the situation is more than critical.

Dimitris made the following remarks to the attending physicians as late as yesterday (28.02.21):


I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to be treated like human garbage either!

I am not threatening to kill myself. As long as they do not comply with a just and legitimate request, I have no choice but to walk with dignity and pride until death.

If the Mitsotakis government does not do what is lawful and if it does not listen to those who bring the issue on the basis of humanity it will remain a state assassination.

The treating physicians and the Association of Physicians joined the statement.

To date, no coercive measures have been performed on Dimitris, certainly not against his will, explained Katerina Douzepi – the treating physician of his confidence.


“The General Assembly of OENGE (The Union of Physicians and Hospital Employees) declares:

  1. The doctrine of medicine and therapy prohibits force feeding and considers it as torture. We support the colleagues of the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of the hospital of Lamia.
  2. D. Koufontinas was defenitively and irrevocably sentenced for all his actions. Today, his right to dignified and equal treatment is being judged. We call on the government to comply with the demand for equal treatment (in prison – ed.). Also in order not to have the first dead hunger striker in the country in decades.”

The Greek government keeps trying to legitimize the assassination in advance with hypocritical and refuted lies. For example, Prime Minister Mitsotakis and several high-ranking members of parliament from the right-wing ruling party Nea Demokratial said that Koufontinas could take legal action and turn to the courts in order to be transferred.

However, his lawyer explained in the following statement that he has already unsuccessfully tried this approach (click at link below):

In the meantime, even members of the ruling party are voicing the opinion that Dimitris’ demands should be met. Nevertheless, those responsible continue to ignore the urgent situation and the consequences of his death.

Freedom for Dimitris Koufontinas!

Freedom for All!

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