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Berlin: From Kreuzberg to Friedrichshain – Solidarity with Rigaer94

Berlin. A statement by Anarchist library Kalabal!k on Rigaer 94, which is expecting an attack by the police this month.

Originally published by Kontrapolis.

We know what it is like when they come, invade our spaces, defile them with their presence, search them, steal our things. Undoubtedly it is not the same, because we do not live within these four walls, even so we love them. These are the spaces that we build, equip, use and share together. The cops have no place there, because we are full of hate and every step through our doors is one too many.

We are a thorn in their side, because we clearly oppose this system for which they stand for.

This is also the case for the people living in Rigaer 94, who fight together as residents, visitors and supporters, offer collective resistance and do not allow themselves to be taken in by outside forces.

The neighbourhood around Rigaer 94 is becoming more and more gentrified, Liebig 34 has been evicted, the Dorfplatz is dominated by the fence around it‘s empty walls and more and more chic condominiums are being built.

If Rigaer 94 falls, an important place for our self-determination and resistance in this city will be lost.

In Kreuzberg, this process is already well advanced. The few remaining projects have been bought, which means that until now we still have the luxury of an existence in this neighbourhood. However, all the projects who either cannot afford this, or who do not want to buy their houses or whose owners refuse to sell to the projects, are disappearing.

In the last few years we had to watch how the Ohlauer School was evicted, how the Görli was turned into a high-security park, how the Meuterei and the book store Kisch& Co are fighting to stay in this neighbourhood and how more and more people have to move because they can no longer afford the rents.

What is being built here is not part of our idea of a good life. Coworking spaces, Google, Amazon and start-ups of every stripe make it almost impossible to find self determined spaces in Kreuzberg. Spaces beyond consumerism and wage labor.

We must actively resist the sellout of the city and support those, who, because of their struggles, are targeted by the state and investors.

Last year, several houses and projects were evicted in Berlin and the attacks continue to this day. For Rigaer 94 there is no eviction order, but there is a political campaign to support the owners (whoever that is now). Despite the higly publicised Mietendeckel and repurchase right, this city should first and foremost stay most attractive for any kind of investor. To create a city for the rich, the neighbourhoods are being „cleaned up“ by creating crime focused places, targeting migrants through racial profiling in Neukölln and Kreuzberg and spreading propaganda against all of the attacks against exactly this oppressive system.

We don’t know exactly what they are up to now, but just the announcement to enter the house with the cops and not knowing for certain if and when they will leave again, is reason enough to call for solidarity and activly prepare against this attack.

Even if they don’t evict, don’t stay, don’t install security in the house or actually set it on fire to confirm their own propaganda, we must resist their intrusion.

We stand in solidarity with Rigaer 94 and all projects threatened and affected by repression and call for action.

Let’s not wait for them to come and then think of a reaction. We can prepare their attack on us. We can create a counter-propaganda that clearly shows that we will not simply accept their offensive against us.

Stay informed, be attentive and in solidarity, organize yourselves and your structures. Without resistance they will not get Rigaer 94.

One Struggle! One Fight!

Anarchist library Kalabal!k, March 2, 2021

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