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Berlin: Intervention in solidarity with Dimitris Koufontins at state broadcaster Deutsche Welle

Berlin. Deutsche Welle, a state broadcaster, has been reporting in and about many places in the world since 1953. The station, with its numerous formats, presents itself as cosmopolitan and critical. During the time of the Greek Junta, Deutsche Welle offered many exiled Greeks a place to express their criticism to the world. Today, the station remains silents about many things that happen within the EU. This also applies to the current situation of Dimitris Koufontinas, who is close to death on the 54th day of his hunger strike.

Originally published by Kontrapolis.

Yesterday, March 2nd, some people gathered to visit the Berlin headquarter of Deutsche Welle.

With a banner, chants and many flyers, the station was called to report on the planned murder of Dimitris.

Text of the Flyer:

Stop the murder of Dimitris Koufontinas!

The role of the media is to report on daily events in the world, positive news and mostly negative events. Besides purely informative reporting, a principle of more serious media is to speak up injustice and bring it to light.
Such an injustice is the reason for our intervention. We are here today because of the planned murder of Dimitris Koufontinas by the Greek state.

Deutsche Welle is a format that has always proclaimed for itself to report freely anywhere in the world. During the Greek military dictatorship, Deutsche Welle was a medium through which many exiled Greek citizens had the opportunity to report on the fascist conditions in Greece. The broadcasts of Deutsche Welle, which are produced in many different languages, were and are a way for millions of people around the world to be informed „freely“. Since the 1970s, Deutsche Welle has also been marked by a number of scandals that have strengthened doubts about the progressiveness of this media institution.
Nevertheless, today we demand that this text and the attempted murder of Dimitris Koufontinas be published by DW.

Today, the Greek revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas has been on hunger strike for 54 days and since 22.02. he has also been on thirst strike. At the moment he is in the intensive care unit of a hospital and is in a very critical condition that can lead to death very soon. He is risking his life so that his demands for better treatment in prison and transfer to Korydallos Prison will be met. Dimitris Koufontinas does not want to die, but even less to live under these undignified conditions. He fights with his life until its end.
The fulfillment of his demand, which is in accordance with Greek law, is refused by the current government under Prime Minister Mitsotakis. One reason for this is the personal revenge against Dimitris Koufontinas and his revolutionary organization 17 November, which executed a family member of the Prime Minister.
This vendetta will end with the first death of a hunger striker in the EU since the Thatcher era in the 1980s if nothing is done about the fascist behavior of the Greek government.

Stop the murder of Dimitris Koufontinas!

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