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Leipzig, Germany: Shard demo in solidarity with the revolutionary hunger strike!

Leipzig. Germany. Last night there was am unregistered wild demo in solidarity with Dimitris Koufontinas in Leipzig, Germany. What follows is a report we found on Indymedia DE.

Originally published by Indymedia DE (Tor Adress). Translated by Riot Turtle.

We are stunned, outraged, sad and above all angry! To express our feeling of powerlessness and our rage, we took to the streets in Leipzig today, because our solidarity knows no borders and is boundless. We are afraid that a companion, comrade and friend dies, murdered by the arbitrariness of the system and the Greek state. However, this fear does not paralyze us, it continues to fuel our resistive thoughts and actions and ignites the fire of our rage. Therefore, we will not stop attacking institutions of state violence, like today in the south of Leipzig. Thus we moved with a demo through the Connewitz district of Leipzig, where some new buildings and, above all, the Connewitz police station were attacked and damaged by glass breakage! We urgently demand that the wishes of Dimitris Koufontinas will be fulfilled immediately.

Dimitris Koufontinas has been on hunger strike since January 8, 2021 and on thirst strike since February 22, after the right-wing conservative government of Greece decided to change the law. According to this, prisoners who have been convicted or charged as terrorists are to be transferred to high-security prisons. This is part of their revenge policy against political prisoners in general and especially against Koufontinas as a prisoner of the revolutionary organization November 17. As a result of this law, Dimitris Koufontinas was transferred from the agricultural prison near Volos to the high security prison in Domokos. Koufontinas’ demand is to be transferred to Korydallos Prison in Athens, which is closer to his companions and family and less isolated than Domokos; furthermore, this prison is in need of overhaul and the condition is intolerable. The hunger strike is the last and only possibility for Dimitris to enforce his demands. Furthermore, 2 days ago Koufontinas refused to take the antibiotic serum, which was the only small source of hydration he had. That is, for 2 days he has denied his body any fluid, if the government does not act soon he will die, murdered by the Greek state. Also, as he said two days ago, “I am not threatening to kill myself. As long as they do not comply with a just and legitimate request, I have no choice but to walk with dignity and pride until death.”

But the Greek state does nothing, instead it starts to build up constructs of lies even before Dimitri’s death, so different institutions claim that the hunger strike was not the last legitimate means, but these lies have been refuted. With these lies it once again shows how inhuman state institutions work, instead of pursuing a just, legitimate request (as Koufontinas says), they rather invest their time in planning refutable lies and thus murder a human being.

Dimitris Koufontinas comes from a family of resistive people, his parents fought with arms first against the German occupiers and later against the British. He first joined the student organization PASOK, which at that time was anti-capitalist and social democratic, until he joined armed groups in the early 1970s. Until he joined the ELA. However, he says his political self was born in the days of the struggle for the Polytechnio (November 17, 1973), just like the political group he later joined. The November 17 group stood for a continuous armed struggle and showed civil society and parliament that this was possible. Thus, their revolutionary thoughts sprang from the period of the demise of the military regime and took shape in the period of the social-bourgeois democratization process. They were characterized above all by their closeness to civilians, they took pedantic care not to attack civilians, and they based their actions on social demands. Workers die in mining accident, rockets hit the office of the mining company. Wage tax increase, rocket into Ministry of Finance. This differentiated them from other militant groups of their time, but it also made them lose their approachability within the scene. Even though analyses of the group are often critically questioned, anarchists also stand in solidarity with the Marxist group, as their continuous armed struggle was almost unique in its form at that time. Unfortunately, almost all members collapsed under repression and lost their political prisoner status. Not so Koufontinas. He managed to go into hiding and turned himself in on September 5, 2002. In order to maintain the political aspirations of the group, he took responsibility for all the actions that were carried out by the group. For this he was sentenced to 13 life terms. But even in prison his political awareness and action did not stop, so this is his 5th hunger strike, he translated books and wrote a book “born on November 17” in which he self-critically wrote an account of the experience of the November 17 movement. He never allowed his beliefs and his passion for another world to be taken away from him. Let us show him our solidarity, because it is our strongest weapon in the struggle against this system!

Solidarity greetings to all prisoners from Leipzig!

Let’s continue the struggle, because this system can try to take everything away from us and humiliate us, but what it can never take away from us are our thoughts and beliefs!

This is what Dimitris Koufontinas shows.

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