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Dimitris Koufontinas: “I will continue”

Greece. March 4. After 56 days of hunger strike and 10 days of thirst strike it is a matter of days, maybe hours that Dimitris Koufontina might die. However, after the court failed to grant a request by his lawyers for a temporary suspension of his sentence, Dimitris told his family when they visited him in the hospital after the court decision that he will continue his hunger and thirst strike.

Originally publidhed by The Press Project. Rough translation by  Riot Turtle.

People who are in the environment of hunger striker Dimitris Koufontina informed the Press Project that Dimitris had already said long ago that he does not believe that judicial actions in the Local Court could have any positive effect.

He was informed about the decision of the three-member Lamia Court the hospital where his family visited him. Dimitris told them that he will continue his hunger and thirst strike.

The court unanimously rejected the request of hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinsa to postpone the execution of his sentence. The rejection of his request was suggested earlier and the head prosecutor arguing among other things, that his health condition deteriorated, because of his (Dimitris) own choice. “The state must not seek revenge. It’s a matter of days, maybe hours. If he dies, the forensic will write ‘cardiac arrest’ and you will also have a specific disease,” Themis Sophos, one of the lawyers of Dimitris Koufontinas, said.

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