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They threaten with hydration, against the will of Dimitris Koufontinas

Greece. Lamia. March 5. 2021. Physicians of the Lamia hospital announced that the kidneys of hunger striker Dimtris Kounfontinas stopped working. Koufontinas is on hunger strike for 57 days now.

Originally published by The Press Project. Roughly translated by Riot Turtle. Additional information by @antirinfo.

Despite the fact that Dimitris Koufontinas has stated that he will not accept the serum, and despite that any action like this against his will is illegal and constitutes torture, the hospital of Lamia told Dimitris’ physician of choice, Thodoris Sdoukos, that they will hydrate Dimitris against his will, because they can not wait and see him fall into a coma.

Thodoris Sdoukos told radio station MeRA25, he tries to visit Dimitris Koufontinas and to persuade the physicians of the Lamia hospita that they should not take any action against the will of Dimitris.

It is recalled that since this morning the kidneys of the hunger striker for 57 days, Dimitris Koufontinas, who is already in acute renal failure, are not functioning anymore. This was told by physicians of Lamia hospital to his physician of choice this morning.

After that Dimitris Koufodinas himself asked, to see his doctors of choice, and his request is being considered. The head of the hospital is not sympathetic to the demands of the hunger striker, however, and yesterday he prevented Dimitris’ lawyer, Themis Sophos, to visit him.

Today the Council of Criminal Courts of Lamia examines the request of his lawyers for his transfer to Korydallos (that will not take place, see the tweets below).

Additional information by Twitter account @antirinfo

Although Dimitris Koufontinas’ health condition is now critical (as the doctors of Lamia Hospital reported this morning that he has developed acute kidney failure), Secretary General of Anti-Crime Policy,Sofia Nikolaou stated in msm media that the relevant request will not be judged today by the Transfer Committee.”Whenever the Transfer Committee meets,it will meet on this issue as well,” she said.

At the journalists’ remark that the decision of the Transfer Committee is urgent due to the health condition of Dimitris Koufontinas, Sofia Nikolaou answered that “it will meet in the coming days, but not today”.

Concluding,she stated that there is a decision of the Lamia Public Prosecutor’s Office to take all the necessary measures to save the life of D. Koufontinas. Asked if this also means forced feeding, she replied:”Anything deemed necessary”.

At the remark that this is considered torture by international law, she replied: “we are entering into other issues that have been resolved by the European courts. The value of human life is above all and doctors must protect it”

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