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for dimitris: attack against hsbc in Zurich!

Zurich. Switzerland. Submitted to Enough 14 (anonymously received by e-mail). last night (5.3.21) we detonated a firecracker at the headquarters of hsbc-bank in zurich (gartenstrasse). we are in solidarity with the struggle of the political prisoner and revolutionary dimitris koufontinas
in greece, who has been on hunger strike for more than 56 days, thirst strike for more than 11 days. immediate fulfillment of his demands!

Submitted to Enough 14.

why hsbc? hsbc is the biggest british bank. and britain’s presence in greece after the greek civil war was one of the main anti-imperialist targets of the fighting organization 17 november, of which dimitris was a member. britain – alongside the usa and nato – strove to make greece a bastion of imperialism in the balkans during this period. including support for the military junta of the 1970s, which murdered and tortured until pressure from the streets – such as the student uprising of november 17, 1973 – swept it away. the british government was and is (as is that of the usa) a leader in the persecution of november 17, with its intelligence agencies. november, with its secret services and other instruments of counterrevolution. this is evident to this day, when u.s. diplomats say that the greek government should not back down one millimeter from dimitris. that is why hsbc, not a quiet backwater to imperialism.

why hsbc? hsbc is one of those banks where the greek bourgeoisie hides its money safely abroad. this became evident in 2010 at the height of the so-called ’euro crisis’. while large parts of the population in greece were impoverished – malnutrition, lack of medical care, psychological pressure – and the troika (european union, european central bank,
international monetary fund, with germany at the helm) was doing everything it could to wind up the crisis by attacking the class and further worsening its situation, the country’s bigwigs had hidden their money abroad. the so-called ’lagarde list’ revealed this, around 2000 names of rich people from greece who had deposited their money in secret accounts at the hsbc branch in geneva. pauperization for the people, while the bourgeoisie tried to save its own ass in the intensification of the class struggle. and by the way: the wife – mareva grabowski-mitsotakis – of the current prime minister of greece mitsotakis, who is himself a scion of one of the great greek dynasties and personifies the vindictiveness of the greek bourgeoisie against dimitris, was of course on the list published by the ’paradise papers’. therefore hsbc, no quiet hinterland for capital.

With this attack we show our solidarity with the upright revolutionary dimitris koufontinas, whose history and importance we can only pay insufficient tribute to in these lines – more words and above all more deeds are needed to do this adequately. he represents a part of the history of the armed struggle, an essential part of any revolutionary process. a part of history that is of an enormous quality, both politically and practically: whoever can evade the grip of
counterrevolution for more than two decades in this way, whoever can carry out direct actions with such precision and out of such awareness of social conditions, deserves the highest respect of all revolutionaries. the story of november 17th, the story of dimitris shows what is possible, shows how much brilliance, drive and potential lies dormant in the class, shows that change is not only necessary but also possible. to the very last, dimitris walks a self-determined upright path, in full and consistent awareness of the necessity and possibility of breaking with the existing. their order is built on sand – strength and success for dimitris!!!!

for a revolutionary perspective!

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