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Koufontinas hunger strike: New rejection by the court – Intensified attacks during the night against the ruling party

Greece. March 8, 2021. Dimitris Koufontinas is still alive. Although his condition is very frail, his health has stabilized somewhat for the time being thanks to the effect of the hydration serum in the past three days. But the risk of sudden death remains very high.

Originally ptblished by BlogYY. Written by Yannis Youlountas. Translated by Riot Turtle.

A few minutes ago, the Lamia Magistrate Council rejected the request to cancel his transfer to the high-security prison of Domokos. The lawyers of Dimitris Koufontinas are at an impasse given the influence of the Prime Minister on the decision-making bodies called upon (the main interlocutors often belong to the right-wing New Democracy party) and because of the refusal of the President of the Hellenic Republic, who is supposed to be the guarantor of respect for the Constitution, to intervene.

During the night attacks continued almost everywhere in Athens, despite numerous police roadblocks in the main streets of the capital. Most of the attacks were directed against the prime minister’s party. Several offices were attacked, painted with slogans, smashed or haunted. Near Mitsotakis, Athens MP Vassileos Spanakis was targeted: His second home was looted last night. Spanakis had made vicious statements against the hunger striker in the context of media propaganda. In recent days, more than 300 nightly retaliatory attacks have been registered in Athens and about 100 more in other parts of Greece, according to the ruling media.

Several rallies have been held in the last 24 hours, but with great difficulties due to systematic police violence (there have been several new scandals, notably cops attacking peaceful passers-by in a park in the Nea Smyrni district). Arrests and detentions are increasing and, most importantly, fines for non-compliance with anti-covid19 measures are high: 300 euros in Greece compared to 135 euros in France, while the average wage in Greece is less than half.

The most important question now is: What will Dimitris Koufontinas do? Will he continue at the risk of dying soon? For now, apart from the nightly clandestine actions, the social movement is beginning to be strangled by repression, physically as well as legally and financially. The authoritarian drift of the Mitsotakis government raises many questions in Greece, starting with the first, the oldest and most crucial, on which not everyone agrees: How can we resist?

Yannis Youlountas

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