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Athens, Greece: Intervention at the US embassy in solidarity with Dimitris Koufontinas [Video & Statement]

Athens. Greece. March 9. 2021. Video and report of todays intervention at the US embassy in Athens in solidarity with Dimitris Koufontinas.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia. Translated by Act For Freedom Now!

The biggest den of terrorists is the American embassy

“The Greek government rightly refuses to do favours to D. Koufontina, convicted of terrorism.” The terrorist organization killed five members of the US embassy staff between 1975 and 1991.”

Another crude intervention in the country by the American former ambassador to Athens, Nicholas Burns, comes to seal the embassy’s continued stance against the EO 17 N and the uncompromising line of extermination of the communist guerrilla D. Koufontina.

After the dismantling of the 17th, the embassy undertook the ideological and repressive attack against the Organization, always in contact with the Mitsotakis family and other relatives of “victims” of armed action, such as Momferatos’ **son.

With the consent of the Greek governments, they turned “Evangelismos” hospital into a torture chamber and Guantanamo against the fighter S. Xiros who was hospitalized in serious condition after a bomb exploded which caused his self-injury.

Upgraded torture was carried out on S. Xiros, which American agents also participated in, who, in violation of any international law, treated the hospitalized fighter as a trophy, torturing him psychosomatically, in order to extract information about the Organization’s activities.

The initiative “ΕΩΣ ΕΔΩ” was created on the initiative of the embassy and D. Bakoyannis. An organization of the relatives of the “victims” of armed resistance who tried to discredit the action of the organization realizing the great support it had in society. This initiative tried through open calls to mobilize society in rallies – demonstrations against armed struggle. An initiative that self-dissolved after its goals and strategy were crowned with utter failure.

The Embassy was constantly working out new tricks in order to devalue armed struggle in the society and to increase its own bases.

In fact, the then Minister of Public Order M. Chrysochoidis admitted that the book of journalists – agents of the embassy Al. Papachela and T. Telloglou (“17”, published by Estia) aimed to lower 17 N in the consciousness of the people.

The embassy continues in the same line of extermination to demand the death sentence of the revolutionary D. Koufontina. Taking political responsibility and the comrade’s unrepentant attitude, writing books and interviews, hunger strikes and claims in prisons, it is time to be accountable to history. His extermination seems to be a strategic goal for the embassy and the country’s far-right political personnel.

The comrade, after managing together with the solidarity movement to gain the a licence to go out for about a year after a hunger strike, this time is putting his body back on the barricade on the occasion of his vengeful and irregular transfer to Domokos. He is asking to return as provided by law to the underground cells of Korydallos prison where he served most of his sentence and where he spent two years in complete isolation (2011-2013).

The Government together with the embassy are engaged in a process of slander of the striker and a full-scale attack on the movement of support and solidarity. They are presenting the solidarity movement as “followers of Koufontina”, “companions of terrorism” etc. slandering an entire movement, its historicity and its anti-hierarchical features. They are creating a climate of terror in society by channelling scenarios on the front pages of newspapers about alleged preparation of the expropriation of war material from camps. They refer to the fighter[‘s struggle] as suicide instead of a hunger strike, they create a false atmosphere in the society with rigged polls. While, with daily lies addressed to idiots, Trump’s agent in Greece, Sofia Nikolaou, tries to convince of the legality of Koufontina’s transfer to Domokos.

At the same time, reality itself bitterly denies them. The comrade’s hunger strike is uniting thousands of fighters defying the restrictive measures and demonstrating en masse in the streets of the country and abroad. The largest demonstrations of solidarity are recorded in the middle of a lock-down in the country, while solidarity with the comrade goes beyond sterile legitimacy and takes on the characteristics of a political defence of militant resistance and social violence.

At the same time, hostilities against political, economic and police targets are rekindling memories of December for the political establishment, effectively challenging the monopoly of State violence and the ideology of fear and futility they attempt to inflict on the oppressed.

The comrade’s hunger strike and its defence is the vanguard of the resistance for this hard-hit society and an occasion to mobilize various social sections that are displaced by the privileges of the economic elite and are experiencing State and boss terrorism in their own skin. The hunger strike is paving the way for the collapse of the remaining rule of law, conquered by bloody struggles in the post-colonial era by the youth and fighting women. It shows that the only rule of law is the law of the powerful and the bosses. That’s why it concerns us all. The objective escalation of the class struggle in connection with the persistent refusal of the Government to accept the request of D. Koufontinas, leading him to death,

Today’s rally outside the US embassy is another milestone in the comrade’s political defence and a manifestation of class and social antipathy for the real killers and terrorists.

To the terrorists and butchers of the people, who bombed Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Syria, killing thousands of civilians and innocent people. To the real terrorists who incite civil war, stage coups, finance and train neo-Nazis (Ukraine) to serve their geopolitical interests. To the serial criminals and murderers who shed the blood of children, young people and women in Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon in the name of the “war on terror.”

Today’s concentration is a practice against the “humanists” of the White House who still allow states to exterminate prisoners deprived of defence, rights, dignity and, of course, the right to life and second chance. While political reward and judicial impunity for police officers who kill poor blacks in the street is routine for the US, cracking down on thousands of insurgents who have confronted government-sponsored police and paramilitary neo-Nazis is a practice in the Trump administration of law. (Really, why did S. Nikolaou not find time to condemn the coup in the Capitol organized by Trump and his followers?)

It is clear that the US Embassy and its local lackeys only become aware of human lives when they come from their own camp. This hypocritical attitude that constantly invokes the self-worth of human life while at the same time trying to depoliticize the revolutionary action of the communist D. Koufontina, characterizing him as a serial killer, aims to hide its own crimes.

When it comes to mercenary professional assassins who are camping at the American base in Souda or Alexandroupolis and with their finger on the trigger are preparing to shed blood in a neighboring country. When it comes to a CIA stationmaster who from the embassy of Athens incites conspiracies and coordinates CIA interventions on other continents. The decades-long devastation of poor Third World countries and the extermination of 130,000 Iraqis, most of them civilians, are a crime against humanity committed by Western governments led by the United States. The thousands of cancer deaths from depleted uranium bombs in Yugoslavia and the thousands of immigrants / refugees victims of imperialist intervention and transnational rivalries are the triumph of Western parliamentary totalitarianism. After Vietnam, where the US destroyed an ecologically poor country for 100 years and exterminated 1 million 400 thousand Vietnamese, Algeria where “democratic” France exterminated in five years 1 million Algerians with a total population of 10 million, crocodiles of the USA and the other states that participated in the murders and the attempt to present Koufontina as a serial killer do not convince anyone and fall into the void.

For this slogan “the biggest den of terrorists is the American embassy” fully expresses an important part of society that understands that the motives and actions of E.O 17N etc. armed organizations are targeted, selfless and political.

Because when the embassy refers to the value of human life, it smells of human flesh.

Assembly of solidarity with hunger striker D. Koufontinas

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