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Berlin: Fire protection inspection at March 9 at Rigaer94

Berlin. Rigaer 94. March 9. 2021. This morning an inspection of Rigaer94 by the responsible official for building supervision/fire protection of the district office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg took place. As we had previously announced, this independent expert inspected all the rooms of the building without the protection of the Berlin cops and without feeling threatened.

Originally published by Rigaer 94. Translated by Squat Net.

As suspected by us and now also confirmed, our house is not in a condition that makes an evacuation necessary due to fire protection. The official has also not identified any deficiencies that we cannot remedy ourselves. As has been clearly stated several times: Our own safety is important to us and we do not need cops or self-declared “owners” or “property managers” or any party to “protect” us or our neighbors from us.

The report is not yet in our hands, but it will certainly be in the hands of the Senator of the Interior when he commits political suicide with his invasion on Thursday.

It was already clear to us before the walk-through that the planned operation on Thursday and Friday was not about fire protection. The announcement during the “inspection” to exchange our front door lock, the threatening letters to the tenants of Rigaer94, the information that our house is already offered for sale as a “cleared cultural object” and Geisel’s self-revealing email made this more than clear. But at the latest now it must be clear to all that it was never about fire protection. We suspect that our house was actually supposed to be devastated and destroyed by a destructive police operation in order to create the conditions for an “emergency evacuation”.

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