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Intervention in solidarity with Dimtris Koufontinas at the Greek consulate in Duesseldorf, Germany

Duesseldorf. Germany. On March 9, 2021, an intervention in solidarity with Dimtris Koufontinas took place in front of the Greek Consulate.

Submitted to Enough 14 (Anonymously per Email).

During the action leaflets with the following text were distributed:

Solidarity with Dimitris Koufontinas

At the end of December last year, the Greek government passed a reform of the national penitentiary system that, among other measures that worsen prison conditions, stipulates that those convicted of terrorism will not have access to more “open” facilities to which long-term prisoners are usually transferred. Immediately after this law was passed, Dimitris Koufontinas was transferred from the rural prison of Kassevitia to a maximum security prison. Dimitris was convicted of membership in the November 17 armed organization and has been in prison since 2002.

The new package of laws stipulates that prisoners in rural prisons be reclassified and then transferred to the last prison they were in – in Dimitris’ case, that would be Athens’ Koridallos prison. However, the prison administration decided to transfer him to Domokos prison, where he is serving time under very “harsh” conditions.

Such a transfer of punishment aims to hit a comrade who has always struggled: in freedom, in courtrooms and in prison. This repressive action is not only aimed at destroying Dimitris Koufontinas, but should also be understood as a warning to the social movements in Greece. Confronted with the transfer, Dimitris Koufontinas has decided to fight once again, using his body as a last resort. Since January 8, he has begun a hunger strike that will continue indefinitely until he is transferred to Korydallos Prison. As the strike days pass, the comrade is in critical condition at Lamia Hospital: according to doctors, he could die at any moment.

During the strike, there have been many initiatives and solidarity actions throughout Greece and in other parts of the world: demonstrations, graffiti, militant actions. But time is running out. Yesterday, a court in Lamia rejected a request to overturn Koufontina’s transfer to the high-security prison of Domokos. The Greek government and president are in demand, but so far unwilling to give in. Dimitris’ struggle is also the struggle of all of us. Especially at a time when social movements are re-establishing international links, as in the climate movement and in the struggles for freedom of movement, open borders and against racism.

We wish Dimitris Koufontinas much strength and solidarity for the fight against the prison system.

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