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Police Station Burned and Ammunition Expropriated in Diaobe, Senegal

As part of an uprising that has swept across the country in the past week, militants burned down a police station and expropriated ammunition in Diaobe, Senegal on Saturday.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

Customs, the National Service of Hygiene and Waters and Forests have been also been burned by the protesters.

The new Gendarmerie Brigade of Diaobé-Kabendou and its eight vehicles were burned and ammunition was expropriated away by militants. Computers, chairs, tables, windows and doors were also expropriated from the station. Also, the French-owned Total station of the locality was completely ransacked.

Militants also burned tires and barred the national road number 6, connecting Kolda and Tamba via Diaobé and Velingara.

In Vellingara, the protesters completely ransacked the Total station. They also broke the windows of the house of the mayor of the town.

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