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Against the repression of the State – With the struggle of the men and women workers of Piacenza, Prato and SI COBAS [Italy]

Italy. March 10. 2021. At 06:00 dawn this morning, more than 25 workers of TNT / Fedex of Piacenza were subjected to a police search at their homes, and the 2 Piacenza SI COBAS representatives have been subjected to precautionary house arrest for “aggravated resistance”.

Submitted to Enough 14. Originally (in Italian) published by Noi non abbiamo patria.

The crime for which the repressive operation is triggered is the workers’ resistance during strikes in front of the gates of TNT / Fedex a few weeks ago, guilty of not having bowed their heads in front of the state batons, but of having reorganized and regrouped with a greater number of forces in front of the master’s gates.

While the news on the Piacenza events arrived, another act of state repression took place in Prato (near Florence) in front of the gates of the Texprint factory: the workers, who had been on strike for 40 days, were brutally charged by the police to remove the blockade opeario with blows of batons.

It is clear the signal that the state sends when around the struggle of the workers of Texprint the solidity of from other workplaces begins to express.

And above all, it is a singular coincidence that the repression in Piacenza takes place exactly three days after the very successful strike of 8 March, which involved the workers of Nippon Express in Piacenza and above all the Amazon female workers who with their courage broke the regime of the Amazon’s blackmail, retaliation and coercion.

It is particularly not indifferent to note that this democratic state repressive crackdown in Piacenza takes place after the very successful march of 1500 men and  women workers who wanted to express the anger and determination of the women workers right in front of the Amazon warehouse in Piacenza. So, this morning’s repressive action in Piacenza, the precautionary measure of house arrest for Arafat and Carlo of the SI COBAS Piacenza and the other judicial measures launched have turned against the workers of TNT / Fedex, but with a specific eye against the Amazon women workers and NipponExpress workers (in which the electronic bracelet for Amazon model-style workers is to be introduced) who on March 8 all joined together in the struggle.

The other aspect of the repression that comes three days after the March 8 strike is also to strengthen the Amazon regime of blackmail and intimidation. In this tight circle, Amazon, in delighting with the security initiative of the Italian democratic state, will also use the boss paternalism towards their workers who on March 8 went on strike against exploitation: ” you see what happens to follow a certain union extremism … instead of follow these paths put your proposals in the Corner of Ideas that the Amazon company has foreseen in its warehouses, so that the company can evaluate your proposals “, would say the person in charge on duty.

The corner of ideas inside the Amazon warehouse

In addition to the house arrest for comrade Arafat (coordinator SI Cobas provincial of Piacenza) and for the companion of SI Cobas Carlo, 5 residence ban sheets in the municipality of Piacenza have been stated and at least 6 notices of revocation of the  stay permit are added to the Fedex immigrant workets, plus possible measures special surveillance for other 21 suspects against TNT / Fedex workers.

Perhaps it is the first time that the repression of workers’ struggles has materialized in such a serious way occurs through the mechanism of the revocation of the stay permit document to those immigrants are fighting and organizing themselves, it is showing in such an unequivocal way that the blackmail of the stay permit document for immigrants is a form of repression against the struggles of all workers and that all workers are called to break it with their struggle .

The response against the repression starting from the Fedex and Texprint gates is immediately called to connect with a militant presence even in front of the Amazon and NipponExpress warehouses: “we the Amazon workers”, “we the NipponExpress workers do not let to be blackmailed”.

Let’s encourage and support them. We encourage and support the solidarity that comes from other workplaces and from other cities to claim the freedom of Arafat and Carlo.

We are, men and women, italian and immigrants workers, all together with Arafat and Carlo, with the porters and workers of TNT / Fedex warehouse of Piacenza, for the acquittal of all charges against the SI COBAS coordinators of Piacenza and of all judicial initiatives against the other workers searched and reached by the measures of the street papers and notices of revocation of the stay permit documents.

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