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Berlin: Statement of the Rigaer Street Assembly on the threat against Rigaer 94

Berlin. Statement of the Rigaer Street Assembly on the threat against Rigaer 94. The eviction threat is not over yet.

Originally published by Kontrapolis. Translated by Riot Turtle.

We understand the announced “inspection” of R94 as a clear attack on our structures under the flimsy argument of fire protection. It is another step in the plan of the Senate and the cops to pacify the Nordkiez and destroy rebellious structures.

Even if they do not come on March 11 or 12, we do not see the threat to storm the house with administrative assistance (Read the police, Enough 14) and the possibility of another state of siege in the process as over.

It’s not just about the R94, the list of threatened and recently evicted projects in Berlin is long and the situation is getting worse! It is also not only about our places of residence or places for uncommercial subculture. Our projects are places of organizing, of politicizing, of self-protection and places of retreat from the normal capitalist routine. They are the places where people come together, form groups, network and organize – self-determined against Nazis, racism, sexism and societal hierarchies. The attack on our projects is therefore an attack on the left movement and its efficacy.

To return to fire safety: The claim that those in power care about the well-being of residents is a joke. Capital interests are consistently pushed through. The evictions (Syndikat, L34, Rummelsburger Bucht, …) are carried out in times of pandemic regardless of losses. Through the evictions or only through the threat of them, resources are tied up and structures are destroyed that offer people support not only in times of the pandemic.

Once again, the way the media defame the northern neighborhood speaks for itself. Obviously, the media wants to put a bad light not only on the self-managed houses, but on everyone who lives in a neighborhood like ours and believes in it – where people choose to live in politically and socially self-determined communities that build a strong network among the neighbors.

Our response is a substantial collective struggle – any attack on a self-managed space is a blow inflicted on all of us and as such it must be answered at all costs and by all means. Now, more than ever, it is important to remain united and in solidarity with all the places that are currently threatened with eviction. Organize to defend our structures and the northern neighborhood for the coming weeks. For a collective and massive resistance! Let’s defend the threatened projects and create new ones!

Solidarity with R94, Meuterei, Köpi wagon area, Potse, Mollies and all the others!

For a city from below!

Against the city for the rich!

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