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From Athens to Berlin, if you evict them, you better care about your own fire-security ! Solidarity with the rebellious house Rigaer 94

Athens. Statement about an action in solidarity with Rigaer 94.

Submitted to Enough 14 ( Anonymously by email). 

On friday 5th of march, a queer-feminist basket tornament took place on Strefi’s hill, in the neighborhood of Exarcheia. On this occasion, we expressed our solidarity with the anarchist squat Rigaer 94 in Berlin wich is under threat from owners, cops and state.

As queer-feminist rebellious, we fight to be free. We stand together against any form of authority and normativity that patriarchal society imposes on us. We will attack the cis-hetero patriarcal system and its world  until its total collapse.

As queer-feminist rebellious, we fight for free spaces, we support and struggle with places and territories that resist to the normativity of state, capitalism, police and the whole prison-society.


From Athens to Berlin, we answer the call for solidarity of our comrades from Rigaer 94.

If you want our ruin, Choke first on the fragments of your windows And the ashes of your offices

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