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Amsterdam: Report back from the Spontaneous Demo for the International Day Against Police Brutality

Amsterdam. Netherlands. In honor of International Day Against Police Brutality we organized a spontaneous march along the Spuistraat. We blocked traffic, marching with two banners (“Bad cop – bad cop”, “From Amcterdam to London to Greece – Everyone Hates The Police”) and flares, while chanting slogans and handing out flyers. There were around 25 people. We saw solidarity from Vrankrijk as they dropped 2 banners (“Police violence is not an accident”, “Fuck the police”) and saluted to us from the rooftop with flares. No one was arrested during the action.

Originally published by Indymedia NL.

Solidarity instead of Police Brutality! – From Amsterdam to London to Greece – Everyone Hates The Police

Police brutality is the unfortunate day-to-day reality for many people in the Netherlands. Daily instances of it are deportations, evictions and racial profiling. Another example is random ID checks that BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour), homeless people, sex workers, Antifascists, Environmental activists, Queer people, disabled people and people with mental health issues are facing constantly and often end in blatant violence towards the subjects of these controls. Whilst the upper-class people that play by the rules of the repressive neoliberal game are surprised why we are angry and why we want to abolish the police.

In 2015 the whole world got witness to the murder of Mitch Henriquez, who was murdered by the racist cops of Den Haag. A few weeks ago the officers got away with just a six months suspended jail terms for assault, whilst the evidence for us, people in solidarity around the globe, and Mitch’s family was clear.: MITCH HENRIQUEZ – that was murder!

Last August, Amsterdam, the mentally ill influencer from Germany Sammy was intentionally shot to death after he had a mental breakdown and was running through Amsterdam with a knife. The situation appeared to be dangerous, however, the videos clearly indicate that with the amount of cops the extensive use of different guns was not needed and never will be. His parents state in German newspapers “The Amsterdam Police killed our Son”

Report backs from our comrades in homeless shelters and psychiatric clinics: The police is clearly never willing to try to solve a situation for the good of everyone involved. But rather, it turns out that the cops in the Netherlands are in fact violent pigs. Incredible use of force appear to be the most common practice when it comes to the problem-solving repertoire of the cops. The social workers, nurses, psychiatrists and volunteers report that they are more scared of calling the police, then solving dangerous situations on their own.

There is an incredible amount of reported and unreported cases throughout the Netherlands that we could discuss here, but it appears close to everyday on our social media channels, in our neighbourhoods and it becomes increasingly impossible to look away. George Floyd death was supposed to be a starting point, but the solidarity must go beyond this temporary rising up since nothing has changed, and it is not just a US problem!

In Luik, Belgium 4 police officers just violently assaulted a black woman last week leading to protests, which we stand in solidarity with, yes violence and looting are the language of the unheard! And of course not to forget this disgusting pig from London who murdered / commited femizid on Sarah Everard was a cop! The one violently preventing her vigil – were cops.

In the parliamentary and on the institutional level, criminality is often blamed on marginalized groups, gang criminality and political activists, however, for us its clear the biggest gang in town wears uniform. The criminals are the cops!


We want the abolishment of the police and a development of alternative concepts for the cops and the justice system, including prisons.

We want social concepts and solutions that do not aim at punishing and imprisoning people to make social problems such as mental health and homelessness invisible. We need social solutions for social problems.

We want you to not look away and get involved if you are white (by filming, intervening and reporting for instance), get active in the fight against Police Brutality, fascism and racism! We will fight back!


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