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Return Fire vol.6 chap.2 out

Return Fire vol.6 chap.2 out as PDF, chap.1 toner-friendly version, new website features & fixes.

Originally published by Return Fire.

We present the second chapter of our sixth volume of Return Fire, here. Following on from our revised layout for this volume, this chapter should be (slightly) more toner-friendly for those doing the usual autonomous print-runs (and we’ve re-posted chap.1 with the same alterations as requested). The contents follow, then more updates below.

Return Fire vol.6 chap.2 contents:

‘The Difference Between “Just Coping” & “Not Coping At All”’

(social reproduction, COVID-19, cybernetics)

An Update from the No TAV Campaign & Thoughts on its Relevance for Stop HS2

(a comparative study for total resistance)

‘Everything is Sanitised, But We are Constantly Wringing Our Tired Hands’

& demolition, not abolition

How the Left is Handing Over Protest to Fascism

& ‘We Haven’t Been Staying at Home These Days’

A New Luddite Rebellion

(mythic predecessors, the gig economy & goading reaction to the ‘interface revolution’)

The Siege of the Third Precinct in Minneapolis

(tactical analysis of the crowd in motion)

The 5G Net

(the lynchpin of the new (“eco-”)industrial expansion)

The Garden Path

(re-enchanted forest & the post-agricultural mind)

Notes on “The Criminal Child”

(review: various Jean Genet)

Poems for Love, Loss and War

Rebels Behind Bars

(text by prisoners & repression news)

Memory as a Weapon

(where has the personal been in the program of the Left?)

‘All That Wildness Names’

(to ‘queer’ this most popular of anarchic notions)

and more! for your questions and comments (PGP available)

What’s more, we now host a multi-lingual section on our website (auf Deutschen españolin italianoen françaisστα ελληνικά), featuring translations of texts that first appeared in Return Fire magazines or supplements. A massive thanks to the translators, and apologies if we have missed your own one: contact us if there are more versions we can host.

A page has been added for posters & flyers to facilitate anti-authoritarian DIY propaganda in your area: print and distribute as you will.

Material has been added from Return Fire volumes to that already at The Anarchist Library, for plain-text reading and printing options, which you can browse under this tag.

Our public PGP key for encrypted communications was previously displaying incorrectly: this should now be remedied.

Various broken links to PDF chapters of Return Fire have been fixed in the archive, to ease your selection and printing of whichever parts seem resonant with your social context.

The imposed A3 of Return Fire vol.6 chap.1 we released last year contained multiple graphic errors; until working out the problem, we’ve retired it and posted the covers as a separate file for those reprinting current chapters. Apologies to the comrade who notified us! Feel free to contact us if you are planning on printing and want files or trouble-shooting.

That’s it for now.

for solidarity & freedom,


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