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German police disperses Newroz demonstration in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf. Germany. March 20. 2021. The Düsseldorf Newroz demonstration has been broken up by the police. The reason given for the action was the large number of participants.

Originally published by ANF News.

The Düsseldorf demonstration on the occasion of the Kurdish New Year festival Newroz has been dissolved by the police. The measure was justified by the high number of participants; in view of the pandemic situation, it was alleged that the assembly would lead to an immediate threat to public safety and order. Previously, there had been individual provocations by the police when officers penetrated the crowd.

The march was actually supposed to take place from the DGB-Haus in Friedrich-Ebert-Straße via Oststraße to Rheinpark, where the final rally was planned. Already in the early morning, numerous people gathered at the meeting point and transformed the Düsseldorf “gateway to the city center” into a colorful sea of flags with flags of TEV-DEM, YPG, YPJ and KJK. At the top there was a large banner with the image of PKK founding member Mazlum Doğan, who initiated the resistance against the Turkish military junta with his self-immolation action on Newroz 1982 in Amed (Diyarbakir) prison. Many women wore traditional Kurdish dresses. In addition to Kurds, many people from the left-wing, anti-fascist and internationalist spectrum came.

The gathering started late with the resistance song Çerxa Şoreşê (The Wheel of Revolution). The police was on the scene with a massive contingent and delimited the demonstration in the East Street. After a long wait and negotiations with the organizing committee, the command of operations declared that they would disperse the assembly.

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