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ALERT: CSOA Il Molino threatened with eviction! [Lugano, Switzerland]

Lugano. Switzerland. The Autonomous Center Il Molino (The Mill) in Lugano (Ticino-Switzerland) is threatened with eviction. After the strong repression of the March 8 demonstration at the Lugano train station, when the police used pepper spray and batons against demonstrators, politicians (Lega dei Ticinesi, SVP and FDP) and the local media launched a campaign for the immediate eviction of Molino under the old bourgeois discourse of “respect for the rules of democracy for all its citizens” and “for social peace and law and order”.

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Riot Turtle.

The message is clear: in the tax haven of Lugano, there is no place for a space that does not follow the capitalist rules of profit. What can you expect from a city where there is a bank on every corner?

We don’t know when the eviction will take place, but it could be soon! So let’s all be ready!


IF the eviction takes place, these are the meeting places:

ON THE SAME DAY: in front of the Molino and in the city center (Lugano, Switzerland)

THE FOLLOWING SATURDAY: Demonstration in the city (Lugano, Switzerland)

For more information:

PS: In a press conference on March 18, 2021, we were told that we have 20 days to leave the building.

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