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Greece: Convergence of struggles against power ★

Greece. March 18. 2021. It continues in Greece : Last night, in the heart of Athens, many people took to the streets. But this time, the problem of health was placed in the center of attention. There is no way that nurses and doctors will be left alone in their struggle. The demonstrators underlined the hypocritical discourse of the government, which, in Greece as in France, is destroying the means of health care and then tries to make us feel guilty and to subject us to arbitrary and even grotesque decisions. The government works like a pyromaniac firefighter, with our health as with everything else.

Image above. Banner reads: “SOLIDARITY WITH THE STRUGGLE OF THE HEALTH WORKERS, ROUVIKONAS” Last night (March 17), in front of parliament in Athens.

Originally published by Blog YY. Written by Yannis Youlountas. Translated by Riot Turtle.

The anti-authoritarian bloc was at the front line of the demonstration and came in large numbers to support the demands of the nurses. A big banner of Rouvikonas caused a sensation. But this is not surprising: everyone knows that the members of the anarchist group based in Exarcheia and Kessariani are very active in self-managed medical clinics, food collection and redistribution initiatives, free social kitchens and other practical solidarity actions, alongside their strong actions against the government.

And above all, it was again a great moment of convergence of struggles, beyond our differences, the antipodes of the sectarianism which, too often, opposes us and prevents us from building joint actions and massive responses. We will not succeed in changing the course of history alone or with a few people in a corner, isolated in a pseudo ideological purity, but by building a society together, beyond our differences in the social camp, against those who make this world into a hell.

As one of the slogans of Rouvikonas says: “The only thing we have is each other.” No one will save us but we ourselves, together, diverse, sometimes disagreeing on some points, but united and determined, in the face of the authoritarian and totalitarian drift that threatens us.

Let’s not divide our struggles. Let us not be divided.

Yannis Youlountas

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