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Subversive and Anarchist Prisoners Begin Hunger Strike in Chile

Chile. Statement by subversive and anarchist prisoners on the start of a hunger strike in Chile.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

Public statement of the beginning of the Hunger Strike

To the peoples, individuals, communities and territories in struggle and resistance.

To those who rebel against this present of oppression and misery.

To our families, friends, accomplices, compañerxs and loved ones all over the world.

To everyone!!:

Today, Monday March 22, at 00:00 in Santiago de Chile, the prisoners of the social war:

Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda,

Joaquín Garcia Chanks,

Juan Flores Riquelme

Juan Aliste Vega at the C.A.S., adhering but not on strike given their medical situation all in the high security prison.

Francisco Solar Dominguez in the maximum security section.

Pablo Bahamondes Ortiz,

-Jose Ignacio Duran Sanhueza,

-Tomas González Quezada and

-Gonzalo Farias Barrientos in modules 2 and 3 of the company prison of stgo 1, we start a mobilization with characteristics of a Liquid Hunger Strike of indefinite length for:

-The Repeal of article 9 and the Restitution of article 1 of Decree Law 321!!!!

-Departure to the street of the kompañero Marcelo Villarroel and of all the subversive and anarchist prisoners and prisoners of the Mapuche liberation and of the revolt!!

In a simple way, there be no retroactivity in the modification of the law that regulates “conditional liberty.”

And that this once again be an acquired right of the imprisoned person and not a benefit as stipulated today by the law, permanently transformed according to the reason of state to keep those who fight against the normality of what exists kidnapped.

This modification considerably toughens the possibility of accessing the so-called conditional release, extending in some cases for decades – affecting a large number of prisoners who see their sentence become permanent. On the other hand, by becoming retroactive, it ignores its own legality, that of the owners of this sick world, demonstrating the constant use of political-legal aberrations with which they bury the poor and rebels under tons of cement and prison metal.

This nefarious legal political imposition touches and affects directly today our compañero Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda who in 2 long periods of confinement has been imprisoned for more than 25 years for actions against the State and Capital dating from the late ’80s, the ’90s and 2000s . It was not enough for the State to impose extensive sentences but, this time it legitimized and strengthened new legal systems, overturning the sentences of the old and putrid military justice, modifying Marcelo’s application deadlines that corresponded to 2019 to let him postulate only in 2036 by arbitrarily applying a disguised perpetual imprisonment to him that aims to keep him in prison for more than 40 years, contemplating the entire time he was kidnapped.

Since the confinement of decades, years and months, since yesterday and today, different generations of comrades have broken with any victimist notion that links the kidnapped with a passive subject constantly subjected to the will of his captor and we position ourselves to strike by using of our bodies as battlefields and from there we fight externally and internally the daily life imposed by the confinement.

The transit through the prison is an extension of our life option where acting consciously for total liberation seeks to concretize the reflection in affinity of ideas that are reflected in actions, combats and resistance as an anti-authoritarian practice; our decisions are embodied in subversive events, this is where we put the best of each one: individuals, nuclei, collectives and any antagonistic initiative to confront the State and all its machinery of repression, control and death as an articulating gear of control and systematic submission of lives.

It is here within your walls that we are infinitely far from defeat, much less alone, as you would like. We continue to be insubordinate, free and dignified.

Today we fight again with our bodies as weapons against those who want to cage and bury rebellion, dignity, love and solidarity under cement. The authoritarian police society created the prison panopticon where historically it has locked up the beings who rebel against their so-called social peace, they have created punishment structures that seek physical and mental control, seeking to reduce being, for fear of brutal violence of isolation and jailers, but no jail with its fenced walls, bars, maximum or high security, nor armed lackeys will be able to subdue those who have given their entire lives to the cause of total liberation.

These walls will never be able to silence our dreams, nor will our rebellious essence even stop the uncontrollable tide of insubordinate existences that unite and pounce against all types of government.

Likewise, we propose as immediate urgencies the end to preventive detention as a punitive tool against those who are accused of actions in the context of permanent revolt, denying the alleged presumption of innocence during the investigative periods and in this way, treating them as guilty, imposing on them extensive preventive prisons even until the moment of being sentenced or completing the sentence.

We also reject the current validity of the convictions of the nazi fascist Chilean military justice, formulated under torture and without the right to defense, widely sanctioned at the international level during decades in which Marcelo Villarroel and Juan Aliste were tried and convicted. Despite the fact that in 2010, Chile, due to international pressure, modified the possibility of civilians being prosecuted by military prosecutors, previous convictions and in particular, those of the 1990s, remain in force despite widespread international criticism and rejection.

Likewise, we are not unaware of and accompany the Mapuche demand to apply ILO Convention 169 for the situation of the Peñi and Lamngen imprisoned for fighting.

This joint mobilization is the confluence between different practices and informal tendencies that are in prison as a living continuity of a long collective resistance and also an open call to all solidarity environments and to all those who position themselves against prison and oppression, to become an Active part in this fight that belongs to everyone and from there, we encourage all kinds of initiatives with whatever is available and wherever we are to achieve concrete progress in this new mobilization that we undertake as a necessary and urgent step in the anti-prison struggle.

In the midst of this avalanche of restrictions justified by the pandemic at the international level, we also call on all the related expressions around the world to express themselves as everyone can and wants, using the imagination as the only limit.

Embracing all fugitives, dignified prisoners who fight, families who resist, with subversive, autonomous, libertarian, anarchist and insurrectionary memory.

With all the brothers and comrades fallen in combat.

As long as there is misery there will be rebellion!!

Death to the state and long live anarchy!

Weaving networks, multiplying complicity, the insurrectionary and subversive offensive advances!

Neither guilty nor innocent, permanent insurrection!!

Against all authority, self-defense and solidarity!!

For the extension of solidarity with the prisoners of the social war, the revolt and the Mapuche liberation!!!

Let the prisons burst!

For the Repeal of article 9 and the Restitution of article 1 of Decree Law 321!!!!

Marcelo Villarroel and all the subversive prisoners, anarchists, of the Mapuche revolt and liberation: to the streets!

Monica Caballero Sepúlveda

Marcelo Villarroel Sepulveda

Joaquin Garcia Chanks

Juan Flores Riquelme

Juan Aliste Vega

Francisco Solar Domínguez

Pablo Bahamondes Ortiz

Jose Duran Sanhueza

Tomas González Quezada

Gonzalo Farias Barrientos

Until the destruction of the last bastion of prison society!!

Until the total liberation!!

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