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Prisoners of Revolt Begin Fast in Solidarity with Anarchist and Subversive Prisoners’ Hunger Strike in Chile

Chile. Jordano Santander, prisoner of the revolt, in the San Antonio jail, accused in the “PDI case,” along with the prisoner of the revolt César Maximiliano Moreno in house arrest, began a rotating fast from March 25, 2021 to April 5.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

The intention of this mobilization is to denounce the postponement of the judgment in the case of San Antonio, as well as solidarize with the hunger strike against modifications to Law 321 and rejection of the preventive prison.

Quoting the words from San Antonio: “Demanding the freedom of my brother Toto, no more postponements of the trials, no more assemblies. And we adhere to the hunger strike of our brothers and sisters kidnapped in Prison STG 1 company, which today arrive at the 5th day of liquid strike. We demand the freedom of all the political, subversive, resistant and anarchist prisoners. Derogation of Art. 9. D.L 321 Restitution of Art. 1 of D.l 321 Conditional freedom is a right not a benefit. Freedom to Marcelo Villarroel. Freedom to all political prisoners of long sentence.”

Seeking the Street. News of mobilization and hunger strike of anarchist and subversive prisoners.

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