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Prisoners on hunger strike in Chilean courts

Chile. On March 26, four days after the hunger strike began, some of the subversive, anarchist and revolt prisoners who mobilized against the modifications to Decree Law 321 and for the release of Marcelo Villarroel, were summoned to virtual hearings in the respective courts where their legal cases are being handled.

Submitted to Enough 14 in Spanish/Castellano. Translated by Riot Turtle.

The objective of these hearings was to urge the strikers to stop the mobilization after a call by the court. The judges pointed out that the hunger strike has no objective, does not achieve anything and is not a valid tool, and only harms those who carry it out.

In response to the threats made by the judges, Francisco Solar stated:

“I can give an answer, regarding the exhortation that you are giving me, I wanted to clarify that in this hunger strike I am not asking for my freedom or anything else. This hunger strike is against the modification of decree law 321, so what we are asking for is the reinstatement of article 1 and the repeal of article 9. These two articles have made this law retroactive, nowhere in the world we have seen that the laws can be retroactive, only here. So what this law did was to harm a lot of prisoners, among them our comrade Marcelo Villarroel, whose immediate release we are asking for. And on the other hand – I am finishing – that I am the only one harmed by this, that remains to be seen because this is a mobilization that is just beginning and we do not know how it is going to end, so I do not know if I am going to be the only one harmed here, that is all”.

Francisco Solar

Joaquín García, when he was asked to stop the mobilization, said:

“This strike is a general response to a repressive context, which has led to the perpetuation of the punishment that has been decreed by law for a long time, making the calculations with which people apply (for parole), in this case our comrade Marcelo Villarroel, to be completely random (…). Article 9 left all the prisoners in prison longer (…) we understand that the strike is a necessary response to the way the legal apparatus has been behaving, extending our time in prison. Maybe in concrete terms I am not completely affected by this modification, but the existence of article 9 leaves a latent threat that any modification that comes from now on may affect the conditions under which I apply for parole. This (the hunger strike) does not escape from the individual or collective parameter”.

Joaquín García

Marcelo Villarroel was also summoned to court, where he clarified that this is not the first hunger strike, adding that he has no doubts that the mobilization continues and that it is ongoing.

Let’s spread and multiply solidarity with the hunger strikers!

Repeal the amendments to Law 321!

Release Marcelo Villarroel!

For the end of pre-trial detention as a punishment!

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