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Dimitra Valavani: Trial for the violent taking of my DNA sample by cops

On March 29, Dutch police seized server of the No State Tech collective. One of the web projects that were effected was Act For Freedom Now! You can still read their old articles on Web Archive. For the moment their new articles are published on Athens Indymedia. We republished one of these new articles: Dimitra Valavani: Trial for the violent taking of my DNA sample by cops.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia. Translated by Act For Freedom Now!

Greek state. Dimitra Valavani: Trial for the violent taking of my DNA sample by cops

Over the last year, more and more stories have reached the public about isolated moments of a continuous phenomenon which is as old as the existence of the state and authority. The phenomenon of police brutality. From the murders of Afro-Americans in the USA, the murders in Myanmar after the coup, the riots in Paris after the voting of new laws in favour of cops, the murder of a ‘suspect’ in Albania, the fascist practices in Turkey, to Greece with the countless beatings of demonstrators and citizens, the vengeful transfers of prisoners, the continuous tortures in the Police Headquarters of Athens (Gada) and in the Police stations, the rapes and not only of refugees in the Deportation and Transfer Centre of Petrou Ralli, and many more incidents among which I can’t forget the torture of my comrades in Police stations, their beatings in demonstrations, and of course the violent treatment I faced from the cops of the Counter-Terrorism Unit when they attempted to take a DNA sample from me. After our arrests on Jan. 29 2020, while we were detained on the 12th floor of GADA, they asked me to give a DNA sample, which I refused, as I refused any type of cooperation. Since 2015, after the big hunger strike of prisoners, the prosecutor’s order that forced the taking of DNA, changed to ‘mandatory taking of DNA with respect to human dignity’.
A phrase totally unclear and pretentious as is the relation of cops with dignity. They either serve in counter-terrorism, in DRASI (motorbike cops) or MAT (riot cops), they are the ones that truly express authority, enforcing law, order, and security with any means necessary, satisfying at the same time their perversions and personal interests. In my case, their aim was to take a DNA sample from me, regardless of my refusal to give one, even though I told them about my serious health condition, a serious operation I had on my head.

The procedure of taking my DNA involved only men even though body-searches or any type of contact must be done by women. Realising what would follow, the only thing I could do was protect my head from the blows they were giving me. After they hit my head several times on the wall of the cell, they carried me to a room on the floor above. On a chair, with my hands tied behind my back, I had five men on top of me trying to restrain me, which wasn’t difficult after all, since my upper body was tied. Two of them tried to restrain my legs, grabbing me by my thighs and opening them to the point I thought they would break. At the same time, two more men swore at me and pressed my head, putting their hands around my mouth in order to open it and get a DNA sample. Afterwards, they put me back in the cell the same way.

I immediately asked for communication with my doctor as I had severe pain in my head. They didn’t allow it, not even with my lawyer, but after some time and after continuous pressure on my side, they took me to KAT hospital. Besides the special examinations I had, during which I was handcuffed, I had no communication with the doctor that operated on me and soon after they took me back to GADA. After all this violent treatment, physical and verbal, in a reverse reality I am put on trial next Thursday April 1 at 9am in Evelpidon Court, accused of insulting and resisting the cops of the counter-terrorism. Being alone against five men who are opening and pulling your legs, who are hitting your head to open your mouth while shouting at you ‘we will fuck you, bitch’, doesn’t seem like ‘mandatory taking of DNA with respect to human dignity’ as they call it, but clear overuse of authority, enforcement of power in rape conditions.

I am put on trial, with one more case, while they took care that nothing would be monitored (there were no CCTV cameras around) of all the disgraceful things they did and continue to do. As always happens with cops that beat people, that torture and are put on suspension, that rape without being punished, that illegally watch our lives while the state and judges cover them, that break the very laws that they serve, and that kill but in the worst case get 13 years imprisonment then live their lives peacefully.

At the same time, people with lesser charges rot in prison, get tortured, get raped and killed.


Dimitra Valavani

Updates: The trial of the anarchist prisoner Dimitra Valavani, which was scheduled for 1/4/21, was postponed. There will be an update on the new court date.

Video below: Trailer Lucky Luyk . Part 5 of the housing struggle in the Netherlands is about the Lucky Luyk. The German version will be online Monday on The English version on The video is from the re-occupation of the Lucky Luyk 1981.

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