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Orkanen – English edition Winter 2020

Orkanen is an anarchist paper from Copenhagen. For the time being, it is published in the beginning of every other month, and it’s free. Order at: Orkanen1 (at) riseup dot net.

Originally published by Orkanen.

In this issue:

  • Editorial
  • The cop beneath the human
  • It’s getting late
  • The voice of anarchy
  • War and peace
  • Your vote belongs to the state

Read on-screen: English edition, winter 2020


Progress is death is destruction is life is progress is death is destruction is life…

We want to be perfectly honest: We strongly anticipated the publication date for this third English edition of Orkanen to be somewhere in early Summer of 2020. We were wrong, big time. It’s not a matter of any pandemic, really, but other challenges have surfaced. And, truly, we still face them, because mental survival is hard when life is all that you desire. And, this is not yet a world where time is on our side. But, never stop destroying, never back down, settle for nothing. Just keep swimming.

We succeeded in assembling a Covid19– related issue some months back in Danish, and at the same time it was decided
that death is not upon us; This is not the end ofOrkanen. Yet.

We do everything we can to ensure a steady flow of anti-authoritiarian material, and as soon as the capacity is present a brand new issue (in Danish) is published. Morover, we have yet another English issue in the making, and are hoping/expecting this to hit the ground someday in Spring. So much is going on in the world, right? Because crisis are one of the great opportunities for change, and this is definitely a crisis, holy shit. Not without precedent, of course. Only, Western countries have forgotten what it means to struggle, even just a little bit. Their biggest threat is at hand: A disease that multiplies whenever its people choose to spend their blood-money non-virtually, or narcissistically socialise with people who act as confidence-boosters and enablers. Surely, there are legitimate struggles in this region as well. Elderly people in retirement homes are tortured with isolation and restrictions. Many of them incapable of comprehending life in the middle of a pandemic. Many of them senile, and many of them riddled with dementia. They die alone, and worst of all: They die alone, because it has been decided so by people with power, scared of bad publicity.

There are legitimate concerns to address. Children of this part of the world are changing, and not for the better. This is not about woke-ass bullshit, or some other hypocritical trend. This is about small children who are reared to be less enlightened, more stupid, less mobile, and more virtual. And, now they also have to deal with a the fear of a disease that they should not be fearing. Parents and paternalist states invoke terror in the minds of these children, instrumentalising them for the enhancement of Power, pushing these potential autonomous destroyers even further away from deviance and freedom. All we can do is hoping that they turn on their oppressors. With fierce.

SO MANY STRUGGLES beyond the bell-jar of the West. Enormous as ever, and now with the pandemic as an accelerant. We must remember to look to these regions for hope and inspiration, ifwe fall short ourselves. Obviously, it is not enough that violent struggle in the West is so fucking easy. It needs to make sense too, and it will and does, when freedom for all is desired.

But even sensibility is not enough. In fact, it’s no more than a bullshit colourless word, when it’s not followed up with rebellious action. Power never stops acting in their own interests, and everytime they do, we die a little. We have to keep moving, and keep acting, ifwe truly want autonomy for all, equal opportunity, and freedom from oppression. Let’s keep moving. The time is now.


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